Before the Spring Festival in Fuxin to visit the fire door, old Han you can live this year

September 2016, a fire will be caught off guard Liaoning Fumeng eight shijiazi Township fifty-five year old farmer Han Wenzong’s house burned, not only did not burn all the supplies, furniture food, also nearly destroyed his confidence in life.

his difficulties aroused social concern of love and help, especially Fuxin love house public interest groups to help, brought clothes, bedding, food, furniture and appliances for him, for his contributions to 14 thousand yuan, to help him out.

Spring Festival is coming, and now how old Han? He still makes people Guaqian, the 28th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar (January 2017 25) with several loving people drove more than and 70 kilometers to eight shijiazi township near Inner Mongolia’s remote visiting old a.


visit old Han sponsored by a lot of people love, everyone in the WeChat group charitable donations more than one thousand yuan, commissioned to buy some goods for life and special purchases for the Spring Festival old Han family, hope he can have a good year. We bought him some meat and vegetables, and bought some other articles of daily use and food.

has a caring person who bought a new dress for his granddaughter, and put on his coat.

The two couples

old Han with eight year old granddaughter live together after the divorce and his son get married and have children now live in town, seldom come back. Inner Mongolia also has a son daughter-in-law remarried, old Han said some time ago the old mother to send to the children living, the mother and daughter crying in a complete mess…..

Liu Yan to Fuxin, which has a barbecue shop in the name of the old man alone to buy rice, flour, oil and other daily necessities.

I put the sponsor of the balance of 1200 yuan to the old man, he repeatedly expressed his thanks, saying that if we do not have all the help, he can be finished, not to mention the new year, may be frozen to death".

old Han has now got a good house, he said a total of 50000 yuan to repair the house. After the fire to help relatives and friends of 6000 yuan, Fuxin, who gave him a love of $14000, he sold corn $10000 ($30000), and no other source of funding. Now less repair rent 20000 yuan, the new year, he can not give people, turbato…

is now home furniture, household appliances are almost all caring people to donate, this time specifically to give him to buy a kitchen knife, panels, boards, old Han said not what’s missing, but he missed a lot, but no money to buy.

I think Lao Han is still worn, asked him why he did not wear old clothes, do not like it? He said that all good clothes, like, but every day to work, can not bear to wear, "wear blind;

Must look before going to Hokkaido


IWB means International Wine Bar, opened in 1989, from the subway station is very close to the wild, but also in the quiet, calm and elegant atmosphere of the European style people relax. The shop has four tasters in stores, collected from all over the world as many as 2000 bottles of wine, and the annual output only hundreds of bottles of treasures.

in addition to the usual package, the other quarter of the month when the special selection of food ingredients, choose to match the dishes with champagne, wine and other recommendations to diners. Ingredients from the chef personally from the organic farming farm procurement, fresh and healthy, so diners get the most high-quality high-end dining experience.

/’s work at Tempura Zen/

kind of meal

address: Sapporo City, Central South five West 5 fields, lumira DoCoMo, Tokyo pulp building Ja 7F

Tel: +81-11-522-2515


operating hours: 17:00-23:30 (L.O. 23:00, Monday rest)

afraid of tempura is too greasy? In the subject’s kind of meal this impression will be swept away. When a prawn tempura correct in front, a bite, thin face clothes wrapped shrimp body, bring out the shrimp meat delicious, but definitely not overwhelming.

Frying oil with

store is too white sesame oil, flour paste blending ratio of precision, and rich seasonal ingredients, various dishes may expand tempura. According to different prices, there are three kinds of packages to choose from, can also be based on the menu of the day.

is especially recommended to use advanced ingredients such as creative tempura, Fugu, albino EZO abalone and sea urchin roe gaua Scallop in Shell plus, double delicious! In addition to tempura package, store and seasonal food packages, two weeks to replace a menu. Don’t forget to drink a glass of champagne, and the fatty acid of champagne is a popular way of cooking.

/ Hokkaido National Complete cut cooking and Usagi ToKame/


Chicken good luck to pray to the most popular incense


Beijing Lama Temple

"male female Yonghe, Hongluo", it is widely circulated that refers to the men to go to Lama Temple for the woman to go to Hongluo Temple for the best spirit. A lot of people come here to wish all realize the desire, word of mouth, Lama Temple is efficacious reputation, let it become one of the most popular temple incense in Beijing. On the first day, the fifteen day of incense is overcrowded.


Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

at home and abroad pilgrims lay together Lingyin Temple bell incense, Lingyin Temple is traditionally reserved. The new year’s Eve night ten points to the first two in the morning, open to pilgrims to householders, and provide free incense, often nearly 10000 tourists flocked to Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou for the next year.


Dazhao Temple

Zhao, Chinese name "boundless Temple", Mongolian meaning "temple". Hohhot city is located in the District of Jade Spring Dazhao street, was built in the Ming Dynasty Wanli seven years (1579), was first built in Hohhot to teach Lama temple. For hundreds of years, it has been one of the most famous Buddhist sites in Inner Mongolia and one of the most famous Buddhist centers in northern china.

Wuhan Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

Guiyuan Buddhist Temple covers an area of 4.67 hectares, possession of many Buddhist relics, is one of the largest collection of Buddhist temples. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is one of the most popular temples in Wuhan. An interesting form to the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple luohangtang’s well-known, far and near is the combination of Folk Buddhism belief and. According to their age, free from any one of the arhat statue according to the order number, how old is the number of respect, to look at this date when ahrat appellation action and facial expressions, you can go to taste from thinking, can realize some life philosophy.

Longhua Shanghai temple

Longhua Temple Temple is the oldest and largest in Shanghai area. It is said that Longhua temple is the mother of Sun Quan in the Three Kingdoms period;

Regain their childhood memories, Dalang fun with your Tokyo Kaifeng City

has a painter who seems to have painted a painting in his lifetime, such as Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song dynasty. A roll of "riverside" to go, is the priceless painting, history. In the five meter long scroll, there are a large number of characters, cattle, mules, donkeys and other livestock, car, car, boats, houses, bridges, towers and other characteristics, reflect the characteristics of the Song Dynasty architecture. It has high historical value and artistic value.

"Qingming Festival" depicts the Northern Song Dynasty capital of Tokyo (now Henan city) situation, mainly along the Bian River and Kaifeng natural scenery and prosperity.

Hengdian riverside scenic area to restore this vivid historical picture scroll. If is the Royal Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties brilliant style, painting is to show 1000 years ago is the most free and prosperous life in the Northern Song capital. The entire park according to the map can be divided into spring, on the outskirts of Bianjing city streets near the river, the three part of the scene.

into the song Royal Street, as if back thousands of years ago in Tokyo City, all business, all kinds of people, which is not a very strong but very rich and free of ordinary life, in one of the dynasties that are destined to deduce many legends.

city shops, building row upon row of style, fan Lou, chic Watergate, exquisite embroidery Pavilion, hall, pop culture show luxury culture and the hustle and bustle of the Song Dynasty Kyoto, the streets, courtyards can also be converted according to the story needs during the drama shoot the scene together, is really "a step into the painting millennium, as if".

Here the

shot to complete the "flying dance", "Li flying", "fugitive", "nobody’s perfect", "Xue Dingshan", "Tang Gongyan", "young Huang Feihong", "secret history", "Pacific Princess Athena", "fist of legend", "Princess", the new version of "big pearl in addition to the journey of the legend", "Palace", "startling step by step", "Palace 2", "Xuanyuan sword tianzhihen", "the bride with white hair", "Gu Jian", "flower and bone" and so on more than 200 television movies.

You can find

entertainment setups, television drama is met the scene?

there are too many stories happening here.

A large fortune

matchmaker song next to the temple, and the marriage is to bu.

Qiazhiyisuan, who today must not open the window. The hundred years of the Song Dynasty will be destroyed.


Spring Festival tour Lijiang] jade water Dongba, all creatures

There is a place in the legend of the

, lived in the ancient nation, everyone singing and dancing, they are never alone. One day, I went to a place, saw a dance, heard a song, met a group of people…… From now on, can not put down, can not forget. The ancient nation, inadvertently touch will rub a spark, ignite a passion for the land.

this is Dongba culture! An ancient nation that has been handed down for thousands of years, they give us something that we have never had…… Classical dance, stepped out of the dust. This is an important part of the ancient Dongba culture.

came to the legendary land of Western Yunnan, Lijiang jade water let us eye opener. Dance like ghost like action, different from the past for superstitious resentment, in fact there is a beautiful touch, carefully watching the different crazy, I found most of the content is the manifestation of unremitting struggle with nature and society as Guna evil. This is moving, but also shock. They are not afraid of difficulties, with their own never lonely unity and understanding, knock out the spread of Dongba culture.

yes, this is the jade water, with a silent cry to calm the hearts of a touch of agitation. From here, the Dongba culture in the stockade takes us to the history of a nation. Here, feel the customs and customs of different nationalities, the warm atmosphere of the Qing Dynasty in the clear sky of the heat wave, the flowing water, the peak of the snow, the ancient culture, non-stop nation……

here in the legend of a snow capped mountains, white clouds floating on the top of the mountain, repeated dreams, ah, silent understanding. Yes, this is the famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, our hearts a sacred land. In this piece of pure land supply, silently in its northern village, jade jade not to utter a single word, the ancient city of river of The stream never stops flowing. Sacrifice of the jade jade, as well as his name, with water is not only the Old Town of Lijiang civilization is the Dongba culture. Jade Shuiruo large springs along the hillside down and folded three fold, the Naxi people worship of dragon three Dieshui, in the life.

they put their life in the water was three fold Shenquan appearance, they put the "three Dieshui" put on the Seder, the "three style" built the Naxi courtyard, the "three style" dress. For the worship of Dongba people will let water all the rivers as the protection of the object, so, here, you can see the water is no longer monotonous, but intact heritage of ethnic group in the three Dragon Waterfall, is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain’s largest trees and raising the national pride of kamiizumi.

story of the Dongba people, with their own blood and teachings spread the nation’s beliefs, this is a dream, but also in the future generations who clearly understand the trace of the spirit and the lack of guilt.

in this piece of pure land, there is a place to live on the side of the sun, so that the heart is no longer floating, so that the dream of the cabin to stop. If the Dongba Holy Land let the scroll of culture;

This old door could change a villa Are they still there

in Yunnan Honghe trip, the number two at the ancient city of Shiping Jianshui, travel the most deep and full, do not say first in the Yunnan borderland such astonishing ancient Chinese wind, more surprising is to Yunnan so many times, feel more and more understanding of Yunnan is so shallow. Probably because of this, I found a novelty are highly prized joy.

Yunnan Honghe Shiping is the last leg of the trip, when noon arrived Zheng Ying Village, the village has 600 years of exquisite people as the acme of perfection. Follow the local ground without modification of the shuttle in the street alley, often because of a fall under the eaves vines and stopped, will be for a house and could not help but burst into the courtyard of others, not easy to pick it took us to the front of a house, "Chen houses" the former residence of Chen Heting in the late Qing Dynasty jinshi.

Chen Heting is Yunnan’s fame and not only is he built Yunnan’s first private railway, mainly initiated in his life in the heart of education, school education, office of the shiping schools, training a lot of outstanding talents. In addition, Chen Jinshi of official corruption, corruption and prostitution, in the war for the country to raise in the ring, jugongjincui. So after his death, the people he built ancestral hall, built the statue for later, yang.

Chen courtyard momentum let people off, start from the door will be able to feel the government is elegant, three courtyard style buildings, a large family from the nave to the house of Commons, a more than an elegant extravagance, every step forward the surprise increasingly rich, wood doors and windows hollow carved no lavish but exquisite ancient times.

around the courtyard wooden loft did not present the traces of the vicissitudes of life, like a dream of Red Mansions, the bluestone floor step really abruptly left the years trailing stop, guide visitors in perception. Just enter the central courtyard to direct sunshine, which then forget where and when each phase with thoughts only to touch the past past carved.

do not know how long, until one is gone, don’t give up on the attic, gently walk every step, slowly deep in the hundred years old, Chen Jinshi family legacy of each poem deeply into the wood such as here in. So that it does not reduce the elegance of a hundred years, with the years brewing but mellow.

two is a lady’s boudoir, floating outside the corridor with a long wooden railing?, light relies on the fence, looked up at the blue sky floating white clouds. Compared with the free floating clouds deep ancient house is so strong, so the sky can deeply aware of the lady of the outside world to infinite time.

color glazed window with a simple and beautiful wooden building, let the deep colors add a bit bright, stay here a moment like reading ancient books;

Through the Song Dynasty, Kaifeng, the Song Festival

is said to have been able to cross the great song in one place this year.

from the beginning of 2017, a month’s time, there will be opening song cultural fusion, combining modern life and art, fully excavate the connotation of Song Dynasty years of culture, to create a really far from the Song Dynasty "flavor".

has experienced thousands of years of circulation, here is still on behalf of the song culture and roots, can truly feel the song annual cultural festival atmosphere here, with a thousand years of lanterns, let the modern city, will become magnificent, day and night to enjoy the scenery.

early Longting park are ready to have their own most beautiful charm has been displayed, the lights will stay lit, like in the darkness of the guidelines, from the Song Dynasty is the most glorious moment of the highlights.

Spring Festival lantern, lantern riddles, drums, all kinds of performing arts, interactive activities, now in Longting Park of course in the city can be heard without end, and only just here to have, during the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival dazzling song has attracted visitors from around the world.

and this feeling is just a prelude to bursting with popularity, I believe that with the advent of the new year’s Eve, there will be more lively, bright lanterns will bring the whole city to decorate, so that the original song is old and distant style of the ancient city, more charm full features, will inevitably lead to countless people cheering, and celebrate the new year, not only just for fun, experience is also more profound and meaningful.

lantern fascinating, shapes, and artistic, large quantity, elegant style, novel form, let this song from the new year’s gift trance that is really through, is it really came through the Song Dynasty new year? Maybe it’s really crossed, or so it was.

is fascinating and should not forget the traditional flavor, here is the continuous mining, when everyone in the year to reduce said taste, from the ancient city of the year opened the door of the traditional taste, let people all sigh, originally from the traditional concept of the taste was so memorable and unforgettable.

2017, the song went through the years, the song Cultural Festival, the city began to return to the past, the most traditional and classical repertoire, the beautiful charm of the dance show, all kinds of traditional delicacy, modern new painted lanterns, grab a red envelope does not seem to fall, people already can not wait. ;

Tianbo Yang Fu, looking back to meet the lights

during the Spring Festival, the lantern Yang warrior in every kind of cultural activities kicked off. "Tianbo Yang Fu and Song Happy Chinese New Year Lantern Festival will" Yu Zheng at the beginning of the month and the twelfth lunar month twenty-three officially started. During the day, visitors can see in the house in "big", "Yang Fu Yang Fu pay New Year’s call", "seven blessing parade Yang Jin Jue" and "longevity" and other performance of real cool Yang Jiajiang, hear the classic opera performances, enjoy flying, jumping head ladder, soft power and other folk performing Jueyi, Yang Fu in taste delicacy, can also come to participate in the game, making the lantern feel, feel in the bustling Tianbo Yang Fu in the atmosphere of the new year.

in the night sky Yang Fu is everywhere decorated lantern lit. As the opening song here in 2017 Lantern Festival hosted scenic spots, ingenious layout of lamps in Tianbo Yang Fu, perfect to create a dreamy lights in the world. And all the lights also have a nice name "zuiho celebrate Spring", "blossoming", "rooster" these lights "group of great momentum, treasure fortune", "boy 27.409", "auspicious auspicious wealth" lamp group, and the cartoon lamp group and Meng fruit light sweet and creative group full, in addition to "shoot", "the pot", "guess lantern riddles", "dice" and "put lotus lamp" song of traditional games joined together on the reproduction of the Song Dynasty lantern lantern tours Yang Fu lively places.

Long Yang Fu Building in the sky carries a long history, these buildings have become more visible to the ancient city of culture, is the heart of the ancient city of people’s indelible homesickness.

Yang warrior is the Northern Song Dynasty famous patriotic general Yang Jiye mansion, mansion is located in the beautiful Longting scenic spot beside the large building a set of historical culture, and the Song Dynasty building a landscape of lakes and mountains as a whole, the Yang Fu Garden, is a city of Jiangnan garden style garden, North is a hard Hill building? Corridor connection, sky water introduced from West Lake Yang Bitan, from the south of the garden and the East and West detour through waterside promenade, after the last round to the north of the garden rockery. The arch under the acacia tree near the Li "sky Bitan stone". Go ahead, you can see the rockery, pond, small bridges, waterside pavilion, and thick bamboo, little and dainty, qujingtongyou.

at the end of the bridge is a fish pond can enjoy the fish, the other end is a rockery, visitors can board the rockery to view the beauty of the park.

Yang warrior can not only enjoy the beautiful lights, can also see the wonderful performance of real and enjoy classic opera. In fact, in ancient times, the Lantern Festival is a very lively romantic holiday, men and women by enjoying lanterns, lantern riddles Masaoki, actually also find their love in each other, so in the literature of the "lantern" plot has been staged, and a story which compose.

[] New Year Spring Festival at new haven’t you heard the most expensive seafood coconut will be preg

[] New Year Spring Festival at new haven’t you heard the most expensive seafood will be pregnant? – tourism Sohu coconut?

cheese, Friday is new year’s Eve

look forward to a year of dinner Z finally came to ~

port is true, every new year’s Eve dinner is the kind of

would you like to try some fresh? Eat a person who has not eaten

traveled around the world for you to collect such a

the world’s only new year luxury menu

(eat more than 3 travelers are in the senior tour)

? Serving??

Italy olive oil




version of the cold pot string

Russian caviar

, French oyster



can be used with all of the following food? France and Italy olive oil

French oyster Awards: re definition of "

".Have oysters

all over the world, but only in the enjoyment of the French aristocracy will oysters to eat out of more than and 30 varieties. It’s really hard to understand if this level of appreciation is not a demonstration of a senior waiter at the restaurant. When walking through the beach in Cannes, south of France, it is possible to combine the seafood with the sea water as the deepest memory of the taste buds.

1601 and


France + Italy Mediterranean warm winter 4 day trip Cannes seaside walk

click to read the original enter the product number to order

Russian caviar

is said that when Churchill visited the Soviet Union, with the mission officials will be all the money to buy caviar, only because of the identity of the prime minister insisted that Churchill did not buy, Stalin earned enough face by caviar. On Russian >

In the marine museum, and marine biological zero distance contact


grew up on the sea is full of curiosity I always love to go to the seaside with wind, deep sea exploration to secret love, love towards the sea, with spring. And the Pingtung Museum of marine life has given me a sense of wonder about the ocean, and I have a glimpse of the ocean.

Have a trip to Pingtung in Kenting

last month, in-depth understanding of the marine museum, Pingtung National Tourism and marine museum not only has the meaning of education, and the diversity of marine ecology and biological stars, such as coral kingdom Pavilion beluga, waters of the world of penguins, giant algae, seals and so on, are very popular sea creatures.

that you may have thought the beautiful NMMBA at night, what will happen? At NMMBA is to let you experience personally, personally involved in close contact with all kinds of lovely sea animal.

please click here to enter the picture description

because of the time, to the marine museum has been relatively late, only visited the coral kingdom pavilion.

please click here to enter the picture description

this is where the coral kingdom Pavilion washes. The marine museum is divided into three pavilions, namely, the Taiwan water authority, the coral kingdom Pavilion, the world water museum.


I visited is Southeast Asia’s Longest Undersea Tunnel of the coral kingdom Pavilion, here are all unique to Taiwan 84 Meenan Chinese sea shipwreck ecological tunnel and Taiwan boreal sea animal feed – the only white whale. 360?? tunnel?, is a south sea rose??? Coral and colorful world,????? Shuttle which is the night??? Sleeping with your imagination, the morning light?? in Zhanjiang? Seawater, and you turned into a??.

please click here to enter the picture description

, this is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia, with wood to night night in tunnel, you are full of fish in the water, feeling, incarnation as a member of the sea, open your eyes to see tropical fish, subsea tunnel has become the most hot bed area overnight NMMBA door. The most important thing to remember is when you make your bed in an undersea tunnel.

coral kingdom Pavilion, you can see a variety of coral.

please click here to enter the picture description

you can’t see what this is a marine life, quietly tell you, oh, this is a whale larvae, is not a jump.

please click here to enter the picture description

this is the white whale, when you walk past, the white whale will show a different attitude, very magical;

The 17 most popular curry sausage shops in Germany

The 17 most popular curry sausage shops in Germany

talk about sausage Kingdom street food, the most popular can be a number of curry sausage. In Germany, where the flow of people, within a radius of a hundred paces, there will be a hot business curry sausage shop.

how long it is worth – Curry 36, Berlin (Berlin)

the most authentic Berlin snacks, even if it is rainy days, Curry 36 stores will be lined up in front of people. Although Berlin curry sausage shop without counting, but this is still worth waiting for. Sausage baked quickly, but it will not affect the taste; sausage can choose to have skin or peeled, taste is not the same. Try one by one!

no spicy not happy – Best Worscht in Town, Frankfurtam Main (Frankfurt)

curry sausage and spicy? Yes, Frankfurt has more than just green curry sauce, the sausage shop features is the sauce, for no spicy unhappiness should be a good choice, but to do Oh, B+ sauce is the equivalent of Hot pot is said to eat spicy, F diners is no pain.

Q curry Sausage – Bratwursthaus, Bochum (Bochum)

really want to taste the curry sausage in the university town of Bochum, that this shop is a good choice, soft and elastic with curry sausage, will become your memory in Bochum delicious memories; in addition, the store also recommended Pilsner and taste the supper. Is a must.

great vegetarian sausage – CurryKartell, Mainz (Mainz)

is a vegetarian, but would you like to try some of the delicious curry sausages? This shop in Mainz can be said to be designed to meet the students and try to vegetarian, the vegetarian curry sausage shop has been the default for the surrounding the best curry sausage shop. The store’s homemade sauce, there are a lot of different exotic French fries sauce, side dishes and drinks, not only to meet the mouth, but also to meet curiosity.

locally grown ingredients – Martha ‘s, Stuttgart (Stuttgart)

in Stuttgart’s Curry sausage shop, all the ingredients are from the local. Needless to say the taste of sausage, surprisingly, the store is actually the most popular French fries, crisp and tender, very delicious! The only regret is that the food is ready for a long time, but when you eat the first one will think it is worth the wait.

sausage with Curry, Dü sseldorf (> Dusseldorf

Take you to different Chinese years

Take you to different Chinese years

BC Province, Canada: on the other side of the Pacific encounter better

God left the world a better place to keep on the other side of the Pacific — BC canada. Here, the warm sunshine and fresh air and sea fusion, alternating fragrant forest wide, tall oak tree instead of the TV Tower, the vast sky to replace the neon lamp, everything seems to live in a hundred years ago the old photos, which under the pen of Steinbeck that sincere and beautiful world.

At the beginning of the new year

, time to put down the busy work and miscellaneous chores, give a comprehensive terribly fatigued physical and mental relaxation and treatment. Along the winding trail, to explore the reality of the outside world, embrace the gift to the beautiful scenery, washing disgraceful soul, encounter a better you inadvertently.

    take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, give yourself a real holiday. As in the lyrics, "throw away the TV, throw the computer, throw away the brain, and then throw away the trouble", away from the interference of the electromagnetic wave of electronic equipment, into the embrace of nature. From the hustle and bustle of the city to arrive at the moment in BC Province, when the yoga, SPA and spa experience becomes accessible, healthy food can be seen everywhere, just know what is the real enjoyment.

    West Coast yoga & SPA

    Canada’s west coast in winter, there is always a different kind of peace. Walk on the Pacific coast, there is boundless blue sea and the white sails are tiny spots, behind a whole piece of a wild profusion of vegetation of forest.

    lying on the soft chair SPA room, the ear is out of the window lapping waves of sound and Beach Forest and the birds. Coated with mud is rich in minerals, with the massage in place, that moment, have been completely relax from hair to toes. You can also take a traditional yoga class in a warm, natural, yoga room, focusing on every breath, by meditation and stretching to inject energy into your body. The yoga teacher taught ancient yoga philosophy, the dust can also help you brushed the heart.

    on the tip of the tongue in the province of BC province BC source: Canadian BC Provincial Tourism Bureau photographer: Edible Canada

    who says health and delicious can not have both? As a paradise for food lovers, BC has always been a healthy and delicious food. As delicate as food, there is an excellent dining atmosphere.

    speaking of Canada, many people first come to mind is all over the mountains and plains maple, and you know, maple creates a natural maple syrup. Maple syrup is rich in minerals and organic acids, while maintaining the sweetness and contain very low heat, is the most healthy carbohydrate. Might as well as Canadian natives, put a little

    Banna winter flowers blooming like a piece of brocade

    wind slowly, like a clewing devil, tore the rustling in late autumn chill with several flower flowers. Coupled with this after a few days of fog and haze, gray weather, no vitality, and even breathing has become a luxury, the heart is more than a bit sad unhappy?

    eyes are closed, it seems like yesterday that most of the flowers, full of vigour with luxuriant foliage flowers, those colorful color…… Lovely flowers suddenly appear again, not a dream like eyes, but suddenly disappeared. The feeling is not so good neither friendly nor aloof! Come on! This is no longer a dream, fantasy is no longer boring, ready to pick up your luggage, relax your mood, bring your youth, driving your car, to the Xishuangbanna botanical garden to enjoy the golden flowers!

    this is a tree flowers, then open brightly. Overwhelming swept, standing under the tree, beautiful. You know what? Her name is more beautiful – purple wind SUZUKI, should be the beautiful scenery. The purple blue corolla surrounded by a bunch of bells, like weaving a purple and blue pleasant Campanula, it is her winter season, much like a small leaf, propped up by green dotted with purple and blue flower umbrella southern girl, subtle and warmly embraced every stop visitors.

    at this time, you will be standing under the tree, looking at the bright and beautiful in full bloom, opened the pupil. So, this is not the same as the beauty will be deeply engraved in your eyes. Look at this tree full of flowers, that cold whistling of the wind, the bad air, here, has ceased to exist, you have to do, then is the heart of the direction, step by step, towards a more prosperous flower ran.

    of SUZUKI wind is South America’s flowers, she was born in South America, but now in long with us near Xishuangbanna, so beautiful. We don’t need to appreciate her beauty across a whole ocean, we only need a simple trip, you can in the great Yunnan Xishuangbanna botanical garden to enjoy the exotic beauty, from the South American winter booming, like in the great spring full of vigour.

    this is a lifetime journey, forget the north wind roaring, to throw away a stack of masks to resist the haze, pack a good mood, open up your car, stay away for a self driving trip! The tree flowers, is the most exciting for you in this winter all-powerful haze in a scene.

    drove to the north from the way you wash the soul, stopped, a tree flowers, in this remarkable spirit neither fast nor slow.

    this is a tree flowers, then open brightly. Overwhelming swept, standing under the tree, beautiful. You know what? Her name is more beautiful – purple wind SUZUKI, should be the beautiful scenery. The wind of SUZUKI, Handroanthus impetiginosus, belonging to the Bignoniaceae wind SUZUKI genus, Native American, Paraguay is the country;

    Around the Pacific for 46 days and twenty-first days the most beautiful sea in the world



    2016 December 20th, Tuesday, weather: rain, 26-28 degrees.

    Tahiti Island of Papeete memories has not yet subsided, a night of sailing, we went to a fairyland. The second day morning, we have to one of the most beautiful islands Bora Bora French polynesia. Has been a tour around the island, I heard that the United States is very beautiful, so we are ready to go snorkeling, did not expect to give us a surprise.


    ? 118 islands in French Polynesia, the most popular is the Tahiti and Bora Bora, mention where the most beautiful, young crew said "Bora Bora is my favorite, MUA" from a kiss to Bora bora. 3 million years ago, Bora Bora was a volcano, rising from the sea, the surrounding coral reefs gradually formed, then the volcano death cooling, gradually sinking, coral reefs are absorb calcium, longer high, now become the Bora Bora, only a circle around the coral atoll, once the volcano of the lagoon, the year had reached more than 5000 meters of the volcano, now only 725 meters high Ottmar Nushan tip, as proof of existence.


    Bora Bora is very small, only a few thousand people, nor can we make the ship docked port, the Atlantic, the only stop on the island waters, the more than 2 thousand of us to take a seat on the two floor of orange and white feeders, 10 minute taxi on the coral atoll, Chinese occupied the island visitors moment. Once thought only travel alone, to see the spectacular scenery of other people can not see, with tours to see the Chinese only think that noisy streams of people busily coming and going; now suddenly discovered that if a group was large enough, now also saw a rare and spectacular landing is also very interesting.


    this island all minimalist nature, almost all the building is a small house or cottage iron roof huts, the largest shore is a bazaar and a tourist information center, heard that there are a large number of Chinese on the island, the pier surrounding private boatman bristling various posters and guide map, there is a poster with Pinyin scrawled "SHAYU (see the sharks), also with the wrong tone superfluous, in fact think foreigners can do this is not easy. I know a dozen friends on the ship and rent a boat, 50 yuan per person, their price as the number of people, about 50-70 dollars per capita, with the ship as a captain, two strong seaman. The crab boat shed ascends grass decoration, charter kiss the most handsome seaman to our local boss, on our boat girl said "this is my husband," said the captain pointed to "that is my father", pointing to another seaman said "this single, you can then push" a stroller waved;

    200 years earlier than the Old Town of Lijiang, is a clean Naxi ancient town

    200 years earlier than the Old Town of Lijiang, is a clean Naxi ancient town – Sohu travel

    Old Town of Lijiang noisy crowded, forcing a lot of tourists to flee, looking for a more quiet, Naxi ethnic characteristics of the ancient town, calm down to play slowly. From the Old Town of Lijiang Dayan ancient town seven or eight km to the north, there is an ancient town in Shuhe.

    Shuhe ancient town is an important post on the tea horse road, but also one of the earliest ancestors of the Naxi inhabited areas, 200 years earlier than the history of Old Town of Lijiang. The old town is the Naxi traditional style of the old house, built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, slate Road, home before the water.

    tea horse road from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, lasted more than a thousand years. From Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Pu’er tea, after Dali, Lijiang, arrived in Tibet, Lhasa, and then continue to Nepal, India. The caravan left a profound impact for the culture of the ancient town.

    There is a village near Baoshan

    , this is a mountain in the village. Compared to the Old Town of Lijiang, where a lot of quiet, winding streets and alleys are not many tourists, more suitable for the slow stroll.

    the development of the ancient town of Shuhe than the late Old Town of Lijiang, many villagers house converted into an inn, a next to a house, accommodation and meals are very convenient.

    Shuhe is Lijiang fur trading center, there are many skilled craftsmen making fur in this old town.

    the Naxi ancestors across Jinsha River, from snowy mountains south into the Lijiang basin, is the creation of their early civilization in the wilderness. Shuhe, white sand area is the earliest ancestors of Naxi ancestors, but also the birthplace of the chieftain of wood.

    Shuhe also has a square street, like Old Town of Lijiang, is a square in the center of the town, the town is surrounded by shops, which is the ancient town of commercial street.

    simple wooden room, dark red paint, as well as the quiet shop, living with the elderly, everything is so natural.

    after nightfall, bar street became the most noisy place.

    There is a need to slow Yunnan traffic light town, delicacy spicy dance not returning

    every time the car came to Ximeng, to Kong Mingshan, far sighted halfway up the lights, put on pajamas in Ximeng partly hidden and partly visible like girls, magnificent, fatigue in long-distance travel consumption. It is precisely for the city that a trace of light, how many people, Enron, quietly waiting, never abandon.

    Ximeng mountain has only one color, green all year round. Spring tender point, summer stagnation point, the autumn of the point, the winter deeper. In the forest, the forest in the mountains, the city in the forest, everything is so natural harmony and so easy. The yard of the city a lot, but the daughter of a humble family so wrapped in the primeval forests micro city is the only.

    Ximeng is a city of

    . A city that is slow to a traffic light, a city that can stop time. Because of this, Ximeng will become a piece of pure land of a bud just ready to burst. Away from the hustle and bustle, far from civilization, once into the micro City, impetuous will be polished.

    Ximeng is the birthplace of "a Wa people sing the song", this building has a "a Wa people sing the song" the birthplace of the monument, 2002 was designated as Ximeng county.

    the drum Wa people from ancient to modern times, as the worship, the Babel artifact WA, that can knock drum through exorcism gods, demons, drop auspicious. In the past, when there was a war and other emergencies. Set the warning drum; hunter and other wild animals to capture Butch, drumming tribute. The holidays or religious sacrifice, drum more exciting musical instruments.

    wa highest level welcome banquet, wo Lang feast, the nest was originally a clan priest, many by the chief. The position of the nest is special, living in large houses, and has a special decoration. Wo Lang Yan became the highest level of the welcome ceremony, came to the wa tribe, the first surprise is Lang Yan wo.

    wa girl "dance dance", is a kind of passion bloom, is a pursuit of power, is a kind of wordless shock. Through the "hair flip" show the loved women long hair and often in the bamboo house balcony shampoo, comb the hair, the hair flip scene and love clean, beauty habits show wa girl beautiful kind and hard-working uninhibited character through the hair flip.

    happy wa dance, the audience immersed in their own imagination ", let people enjoy the land of idyllic beauty" in the end there is a Yunnan, known as "Heaven Pu’er tea source world paradise.

    The new Ximeng County

    a bustling, holy and picturesque in its own civilization heroic, stands in the beautiful;

    Malaysia Dan Lu beach has beautiful beaches and clear water prices are also cheap

    Malaysia Tanjung Rhu beach in the northeast corner of Langkawi, Langkawi is the most beautiful beach, a beach and Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu also has beautiful beaches and clear water, but the difference is, compared with other beaches, here visitors rare quiet leisure.

    users little thunder travel in micro-blog to share his experience in Malaysia travel:

    Malaysia, Sri Lanka Weidan flocking Shandong beach, Langkawi is located in the Northeast end. Opposite kedawang beach here to be low-key, quiet a lot. And the distance is relatively far from cenang beach, a head, a West end.

    A forest of pine

    coast, around the beach is very primitive feeling, no development, very quiet.

    prices are also relatively cheap, whether it is food or buy goods. In the seaside restaurant to eat a meal, ordered a fresh coconut, egg noodles, as well as fried chicken, it took 16RM.

    Dan Lu Lu beach also has beautiful beaches and clear water, after seeing here also just can not return to the original road, continue to circle the island a week, to the direction of Sky Cab.






    [Kenya] former residence of Karen (above)



    , Nairobi’s former residence of Karen, when I entered the yard, I think of the movie "out of Africa", think of that kind of love know coffee Karen love love road twists and turns. Every day, friends from all over the world come here to visit, of course, mainly in Europe and the United states.

    , pictured above, is not a compacted gravel road, the roadside two cactus is not a tree, it’s not too long.

    , look at the house, and the columns support the veranda, feel very familiar.

    , a "welcome", took me back to the reality from meditation, the museum staff have been warmly welcomed. He led me to the right side of the house, which was the entrance and the entrance. After payment, immediately there will be a guide to come over, and then lead me to the big front yard under the tree, as the picture shows, he should be here to introduce Karen’s life, and she lived in Kenya during the period, in some representative story experience. Because I have seen the film, so the narrator’s words are more picture and appeal.

    , this is Karen was planted in Kenya coffee, coffee used to transport vehicles, the need to use the cow, you can pull a ton of coffee beans.

    , a year, Fordson tractor and tractor in Europe in the 1950s, it has been widely used in the farm.

    The first general

    , Karen’s former residence, area of acres, the most distant from the Nong mountains, as several people shape after a fist on the back of the beck. At the foot of the mountain, Karen’s lover was buried, and down again, a river, and in the house of Karen, from the year of the year, the following crops were her coffee, and then there was the airport. Karen built a school, built a dam, and set aside a piece of land, including the front facilities for local residents free of charge.

    , the mountain in the distance, such as the shape of people after a fist hand bone, clearly visible.

    , the little boy on the wall, is a Somali, he is very smart, Karen for his study, he grew up, returned to Somalia, became a good lawyer. This painting, also from the hands of Karen. Next to the painting was a beautiful girl, who was said to have been the most expensive bride, when the bride was married.

    , here is Karen’s reception room, the telephone from the Danish capital Copenhagen, a communications company Kjobenhavns TelefonAktieselskab, but at that time in Kenya, a no electricity, no two line, so, with this";

    [] Yunnan has more than Yunnan Lijiang, and Shangri-La

    [] Yunnan has more than Yunnan Lijiang, and the Shangri-La tourism Sohu

    Yunnan has more than Lijiang, and Lincang, Baoshan, Dehong, Wenshan, Honghe, Zhaotong, Diqing and other good places a lot of beauty in!

    Shangri-La, a name that sounds beautiful. This is the one you can not go to Tibet to enjoy the local Tibetan style, here is Zhuoma and Zahi’s hometown, where not only the Tibetan Plateau Snow Canyon style, but also a taste of the alpine meadow on the "wind and low grass see magnificent scenery, and like snow capped mountains, vast grasslands, red the black flowers, mysterious Lama temple……

    08:33 in January 1, 2017, when the east gradually bright, the first ray of dawn of the new year to Songzanlinsi golden roofs gleamed on the whole building, and the reflection of side by side, really, like.

    Songzanlin Temple hillside, the former over the lake, the shape is like a castle, in Tibetan art of the great, and the "Tibetan Art Museum". Aerial, Songzanlin temple building is very conspicuous, like zhongxinggongyue like being around.

    ldan Songzanlinsi, also known as · naturalized temple, 5 kilometers from the county, is a town in the size of the castle group building, Yunnan province is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple, or one of the Sichuan Yunnan, the famous temple Kang district along the Yellow Sect center, has a pivotal position in the whole area, is known as "little Potala Palace".

    The legend of the

    Temple site is Darai Lama diviners God, God said: "the forest deep springs, heaven Jinwu play in" so visitors into the temple, to meet the water gurgling, never dries up, and a common Snipe in the temple of gold in pairs. Temple of Darai V Awang Llsang Gia Zo gave Lama.

    According to

    records, and Darai Gesang Gia Zo Lama Songzanlin VII and profound "a method of edge". Darai VI’s "flying", the three major monasteries in Lhasa for the reincarnation of Bu identified (later Darai VII) by Mongolia Heshuote Tibet Wang pull sweat releasing the damage, and was escorted to the reincarnation of the monks Songzanlin monastery refuge. The milk in the water in the reincarnation process, pray this water becomes milk sweat to nurture the sentient beings, this water became Naizi river". After the boy again supported by the Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai, has finally been recognized support at the time of the emperor Kangxi, and sealed " the " macro hokaku titles. Therefore, Darai VII of later Songzanlinsi have supported the expansion.

    in the summer of 1936, He Long led the Red Army Long March through Shangri-La two. He Long and Xiao Ke went to the temple visit, domestication, the living Buddha Lama, and inscribed "the prosperity of some family run a Jin (the existing Chinese Military Museum). Temple for the Red Army to raise grain 2>

    Photography how to shoot a small picture of literature and art


    1, volt table miss

    is one of the most wooden table objects can bring small fresh temperament, lying on the table, eyes look to the lens, like in the empty state, or waiting for what is missing, with a hint of melancholy.

    2, leaning against the wall melancholy

    don’t ignore some of the daily situations, even a common wall. In the reinforced concrete city, this is full of texture of the brick wall, coupled with a slight touch of melancholy temperament, suddenly turned small fresh!

    3, knee provocative

    regardless of green grass, and trees or dead branches, these are natural small fresh wood there? Holding the knee to sit, look at the camera at the same time with a tease, pure revealed a trace of sexy. Or hold his head while his eyes closed, another speechless fresh feeling in my heart ~

    4, supine intoxicated

    completely relax in the grass or lying in the flowers, with a face, face intoxicated ~ basking in the sun, smelling the fragrance of flowers, is immersed in a beautiful dream, enjoy this piece of flowers….

    5, intellectual reading style

    book is a very good interpretation of the small fresh props, as if to return to the era of students. With books and pictures together and half covered his face, vaguely have a tranquil and intellectual beauty, with more touch yo?.

    6, youth overlooking

    to shoot a small fresh, posture can not be too artificial, natural random to put a glance or look up to the distant position, the youth breath overflowing with wood?! With the background of pastoral style, almost perfect!

    7, Meng ornament

    It is essential that the

    shoot small fresh small accessories embellishment, simple single product is all-match. Wearing a beautiful little flowers or a variety of Meng Meng Da head hoop, a pure fairy look self-evident.

    8, guitar style

    music girl paper always gives a fresh feeling, but can not play without fear, the use of a variety of musical instruments can also create your own small fresh screen. Therefore, guitar, Violin and other musical instruments full of props is essential to shoot small fresh photos.

    9, flowers beauty


    Travel to the country where the new year the West


    Yunnan · a fine festival

    recommended reason: the Millennium heritage of ancient customs, primitive and wild

    address: , Maitreya City, west of the town of 10000 Red Village

    A’xi (A’xi is a branch of the Yi nationality, claiming to be "fine", live in Yunnan Province, Maitreya Shilin County, is a part of yi. A fine family has a primitive Vulcan culture, worship of Vulcan) Fire Festival in the 3th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar each year, Yi Axi have held a return to nature, such as epilepsy, crazy as fire and wonderful mysterious grand celebration of the intelligent part of the universe.

    we can close this ancient tradition handed down by ancestors, it is nearly a thousand years of history, can also participate in the local people, and they celebrate together!

    Guizhou · Suoga Miao

    recommended reason: headdress strange and national flavor

    address: Guizhou city Liupanshui Liuzhi County Road 019

    shuttle. Changjiaomiao township is home to live here 12 horns Miao stockade. Longhorn Miao due to its peculiar to : the first tie on the horn headdress kind of wood in the hair, and then use the thread, wool, hair and twine. Allegedly, this kind of "hair" heavy 2 kilograms, hanging down long hair is 3 meters long.

    , and cultural cooperation projects six branch Suojia Ecological Museum (ecological museum is the entire village wholly intact with residents of the customs as "site", take some protective measures, save and display) is located in the township to village, China is the first ecological museum.

    Miao hillside, primitive, people have a simple men tilling the farm and women weaving, natural and economic life. Has a profound national culture, the integrity of folk customs.

    Guizhou · Fanjing Mountain

    recommended reason: China’s fifth famous Buddhist mountains, see ice hanging sea of clouds, the scenery fantasy

    address: Jiangkou County, Guizhou, Taiping Township, black Bay River


    A great adventure the unpowered paragliding leap Four Girls Mountain



    leap in the 6356 meters altitude experience

    October 18, 2016

    TNF supported by Chinese glider

    for the first time in the form of unpowered paragliding

    challenge Four Girls Mountain

    the flight team took off at 3960 meters above sea level

    over Four Girls Mountain peak, two peaks, three peaks

    successfully flew 6356 meters in the unitary Meifeng top

    think God would not be afraid of his

    high altitude hypoxia?

    difficult to identify in the fog?

    super airflow rampage?

    good many times after the flight test failed

    The enthusiasm of the

    flight crew really began to burn!

    wants to find

    in despair

    bad weather before

    has only one last chance!

    suffered convective shock of the wing

    instantaneous deformation

    death! Be close by!

    is not dead, the return is:

    in the flash over the peak

    embrace the ordinary people will never dare to think of dripping!

    creates a unique soul stirring in history!

    Trailer did not see the fun of


    years will be officially launched over the unitary Meifeng documentary

    "the greatest risk in life is never taking risks!"

    new year if not a little break

    What does



    1300, the ancient city of three years ago, a fire destroyed, reconstruction and restoration

    1300 years of the ancient city of the Tibetan city of a fire burned three years ago, reconstruction and Restoration – Sohu travel

    Yunnan Tibet tea horse road, starting from Yunnan Pu’er, a road through Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, arrived in Lhasa after the move, to Nepal, India. Located in Shangri-La dukezong City, is the first stop after the caravan tibet.

    alone grams of the ancient city, built in the Tang Dynasty, the Tibetan people in the top of the turtle to set up a walled fort, named "single grams". In the Tibetan language, there are two meanings in the case of a single gram, one is the castle built on the stone, the other is the moonlight city. Obviously Moonlight City more elegant.

    over the past one thousand years, dukezong around the big turtle to expand the scale of living more and more people, now has become a famous tourist attractions in Shangri-La.

    dukezong in Guishan mountain zhuanjingtong, 21 meters high, weighing 60 tons, is the world’s largest zhuanjingtong, has become a symbol of dukezong.

    but in January 2014, only G there was a big fire in the city, because the city is the traditional Tibetan wooden houses, with narrow roads, destroyed hundreds of buildings on fire room, almost the whole city, it is a pity.

    after more than a year of construction, the city has returned to its original appearance, is still a simple Tibetan characteristics. It is not as crowded and commercialized as Old Town of Lijiang, it is a clean city.

    winter in Shangri-La is the off-season tourism, not many visitors, the city’s life is lazy and with the nature of the street shops are not open many business.

    stone street, may also see the caravan to step out of print. In the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, dukezong has become an important market trade between Yunnan and Tibet, businessmen gathered.

    built on the hillside, the road surface is uneven, and now is still a commercial center, there are Tibetan and Tibetan restaurants, feel different culture.

    under the moonlight Kameyama square is the local leisure place, in the evening, the local Tibetans and tourists together singing and dancing, lively and extraordinary.

    Journey to Philippines all are met after being apart a long time


    Milan white beach

    7. Milan (Sumilon) day

    the Cebu Island Southeast near Dumaguete Island, when I see the jingle journey to remember. An Island Hotel, so we travel is generally not considered. But for the special love to get out of the ordinary pseudo Wen Qing, this beautiful and famous places, for how I came back with a subtle and understated tone to mention inadvertently: the sea, only Su Milan only ~ ~

    think of the effect of this kind of Zhuangbility, I can not help but fell to the Bluewater site, suddenly see promotions! Promotion oh!! (the specific amount of money I forgot last year is ~ ~) I set the room without demur and then print the order, carrying the order, think of themselves do finally spend more money for a return to the five star hotel, had Ligelang happy!

    we took a bus from Cebu for more than three hours, and the driver told us to get off the bus! On the face of the blue sea, deep green and blue, happy to the reception of the Soviet Union in Milan. Tell people we set the room called what name, and then people look for a long time, that is not. I was anxious to come up with my orders, people look at, and regret to tell me: Mam~~ I ‘so sorry, you set in mint!

    Oh No! Is there any other hotel on your website?

    well, we have three BLUEWATER, in three different places..

    WHAT? I’m shocked that my mouth is closed..

    my companion and wind, two people looked at it, and then happy to go to the beach to take pictures, leaving me alone. Stay here for two days followed me everywhere, I know very confused and confusing, for any emergencies are unmoved either by gain or loss.

    I know, they are to stay in space for me to play the ability to beg: I go all the way, from HK over, is like you here ah.. I am a foreigner, how do you know you have three hotels? I thought it was a ah, you have to help me in any case to arrange a ah, the staff dormitory is also OK ah, what? Today, in the mint not to live to collect money? Ah, I can not get through the fly you see I have more sincere, please help me ah ~ ~ ~ ~

    Balabalabala… After half an hour of negotiations, they told me that some people can not stay in a room with the same promotional price to me, and then we set in the corresponding help us to extend the mint.

    OH YEAH! To a mixed night, on the island!


    A street running girl who ran away……

    Chinese in the city’s streets, always cold, no matter how bright the building was covered with gray haze, like dusty Western painting, painting the time to smile, once hung in there, forgotten like, lifeless.

    in Ji’nan street, is so bleak, can always see a carrying old wooden running street girl, habitual Hoodie hooded, let a person can’t see her face.

    she ran across the pavement of the leaves of the Indus, ran through the cracks in the concrete alley, ran across the corner of the old old pier, ran through the stick in the concentric circles inside the sewer manhole covers in 1984.

    the old wooden box she carried was old. What’s in it? Is it the weapon of the world? Or is she a device designed to make a living?

    when she was running, she was suddenly attracted. She stopped and looked at her carefully. Then she squatted down and opened the wooden box…..

    ?? It turned out to be a box full of colored chalk. It was a quiet place on the streets, and those who came and went in a hurry, never looked up at the sky and never looked at the corner.

    she is a magical girl, she is always in the place you do not pay attention to grow a surprise.

    of the three wild grass boy, two in the chat, a neglected some small temper.

    stood on the chain and sang the birds

    send a surprise to the sweetheart of the little mouse, but also intimate to write "NO CATS"

    envy of ordinary life of dragon

    alone playing with his tail green lizard

    pink pig flying and flying in the sky, to visit the imprisoned friends little green demon.

    a small autistic mice, opened the door to the streets of the fun to go to school a small partner.

    you’re holding my head!!!!!! I’m a demon from the tiny world!

    my heart at ease, sleep, I sleep in the bud.

    come on, come on, I use small earthworms to tease you, I would love to hook.

    I am not happy, I am not happy, you pull my hair!!! ;

    [i] the Spring Festival in Yunnan Tengchong nostalgia hook roll pot

    [i] the Spring Festival in Yunnan Tengchong "nostalgia hook roll pot"

    "roll pot" is the Central Plains Er Si (traditional food of Yunan) taste, taste and southwest Tengchong unique hometown taste and modern diet are dissolved as one of Tengchong’s unique flavor and delicious. Spring Festival to Tengchong, we must taste!

    "roll" Tang Youqing and fresh, light oil is not greasy. "Roll pot" is different from the Er Si (traditional food of Yunan) noodle, it is very tasty, unlike the noodles and the general is very good and Er Si (traditional food of Yunan). "Roll" has achieved Er Si (traditional food of Yunan) fast food, with strict production program, one minute on the table.

    production process:

    raw materials: 300 grams of Tengchong quality Er Si (traditional food of Yunan) (available vermicelli instead), small leek (tender) 30 grams, 20 grams of dried mushroom (sliced), mustard (sliced) 20 grams, 20 grams of Xuanwei ham (or other ham slices instead of carrots (sliced), 20 grams), cucumber (sliced) 15 grams, 1 Salted Duck Egg, tomatoes (sliced) 10 grams, 10 grams of mushroom, sausage (sliced) 10 grams, 10 grams of pepperoni (sliced), 20 grams of broccoli, bean 35 grams, Jizong (Yunnan a fungus, mushrooms available instead, shredded) 5 grams.


    soup: cheese bone 10 (about 4 kg), Tengchong Roasted Goose a (500 grams), out of 1 chickens (about 1 kg), Xuanwei ham bone 5 (2 kg), pig keel 2 (3 kg), fat pork 1.5 kg respectively boil water, then add 25 kilograms of water into the pot, Tianma 30 grams and chicken juice 40 grams, 50 grams of salt boil, simmer for 2 hours until the soup is thick white. In the boiling soup, add medicine gastrodia, make soup taste more fresh, but not the taste of spices, 25 kg of water finally available soup 20 kg.

    flavor dish:

    onion flavor and saucers will peanut oil, scallion, ginger, mint, parsley, coriander simmer for coke, remove the dross, oil is


    oil spicy saucers dry pot of salt and pepper stir incense, ground into powder, pour into Chili oil;

    — Weidie spiced peanut oil 50 grams, 40% hot when you put a two star anise caoguo, stir fry into


    soy sauce dish — soy sauce into the dish.


    will roll into the oven for 10 minutes, about 250 degrees Celsius, brought out in the middle of the table, the waiter will be all kinds of raw materials into, also can begin by the guests themselves, put the meat, add vegetables, mushrooms. One after another into the raw materials, while the pot constantly churning, and other raw materials put up, the somersault is basically the end, which can eat the food. Each dish with four kinds of flavor dishes, in addition, each guest in front of a box, put pepper, chili powder, salt, MSG, etc., guests can be added according to their own taste.

    special tip:


    [Zhejiang] Hengdian Temple people such as weaving, light like day and night fish dance



    was little, read a poem from a Book: the adjacent wall spin play entertainment guest wine, Qi Song poetry at the age of the child, since it is particularly preferred this Spring Festival holiday, the preference of firecrackers and lively festive red eyes. The annual Spring Festival of Hengdian film and Television City temple fair, but also because of its high degree of reduction of the ancient temple scene, has become an annual project to go. Where, in the ten The Strip colorful lanterns, roadside hawkers Tomatoes on sticks, asparagus crisp, is playing Ma Ci, stone lanterns and Soybean Milk reeky, red silk stretches beneath the gallery of the royal style, dragon flag over the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace, inserted dance streamers, patrol floats, welcome the God of wealth, bustling crowd, warm cries, in which people like to walk into a bustling prosperity, in a joy, new year, waiting for the arrival of another year.

    : Jiangnan temple The Strip flower market light as day, smile Ying spring

    South Temple is located in Hengdian large night film theme park dream Valley Scenic Area in the south of the Yangtze River after the horse home, tens of thousands of colorful lanterns and red lanterns hanging in the streets of water alternating.

    Ou Yangxiu has a poem: the flower market light as day, when the night to pull down the curtain, the crowd in the lights shine under the gentle, gloom, the story came the patrol rode Malaysia press his swing in the bosom filled with justice, just remember the flower girl and rich gentleman romantic encounter the peddler, hidden behind the others with a glib tongue relief and honest and good, they crossed by the Hengdian scene, a small story that Longshehunza era little joys and sorrows of the enemy’s people in similar situations, and they have experience of life and.

    remove the story in a strong role play, folk acrobatics is essential for lively opening: Dragon Fire stilts handsome, lovely and funny play, shadow play, every kind of iron, from Hebei Wuqiao traditional acrobatic juggling people seem to return to the ride in father’s neck to crowd together childhood at that time, those that do not have to spend big money can make people happy all day, sugar, straw and mud doll raree show no surprise in Hengdian temple, childhood food and toys were younger children warm looting in Hengdian busy temple, this sense of pride is the same and this Chinese the most important festival in the generations of inheritance;

    Travel to the country where the new year East China Southern China chapter


    · of Anhui province


    recommended reason: antiquity, surviving the archaic

    address: , Anhui, Jingxian County,


    province village of existing architecture in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty architecture 109. Surrounded by green hills, tree lined, three rivers through the village (Xu Xi, Shi Xi, Cenxi), the three towers to match the four. The ancient residence of ancient building groups of row upon row of.

    residence is mainly affected by the cha Chi ancient Huizhou architecture, Northern Jiangsu and Zhejiang temples and gardens, through long-term integration formed their own style. She came from more than one thousand years ago, but also to preserve the original plain. There are many art lovers here sketching pitch camp ~

    village has a super popular Wang tofu small mill, almost every day in Stinky tofu, fried tofu and tofu are not authentic. Tofu is also done here, in addition to eating can also look at the traditional crafts.

    Anhui · Huizhou state

    recommended reason: authentic emblem culture

    address: , Anhui, Tunxi,


    emblem carving ruin: stone brick, wood carving. If fenqiangdaiwa keep your eyes, then hide the emblem carving art in the wall under the lock your heart.

    here you can visit a wood carving "master", slowly understand the Huizhou wood carving and wood carving process. Personally experience the woodcut version! You can also experience with dragon and other traditional items.

    Anhui ·

    recommended reason: simple

    , row upon row of spectacular buildings

    address : Anhui, Shexian Zhen Zhen

    this is a mountain and built the small copycat, due to the high elevation, traffic inconvenience, for hundreds of years, living materials, mining around the bluestone paved the way, take the red wood nest.

    the sunrise and sunset, drink spring, hungry eat grains, time, form, row upon row of well-proportioned,;

    Heshun Town a place with stories

    From sunset on

    , cloud cloud, flowing in the time passed quickly, a way to walk in line, waiting for the red, spring and summer, autumn and winter seasons and scenery, flower, watching the rain, listening to the wind shangxue. Today, accompanied by the summer line, only in the summer that an empty smile.


    out of the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the bustling, far away from the world, away from the scene of debauchery, with a sentiment, a lingering, a desire to experience another ancient, primitive natural style and local flavor.

    has long been yearning for Tengchong, finally in front of it when the sense of a kind of moving.

    speaking of Tengchong, naturally think of Heshun, hometown of jade, Beihai wetland, Chinese volcanic Atami, expeditionary force…… As a Yunnan, the first time I came to Tengchong, I feel a little ashamed, but also feel proud and proud. Experience in the meantime, it is really aware of the heavy and broad land.

    Heshun town is one of the most representative of Tengchong. Heshun and other ancient town is different than the original quiet, natural, ecological, commercial light. Here the scenery is picturesque, beautiful landscape, quaint chic, leisurely, Mr. Li Genyuan worked in poetry appreciation and "Toyama, gray water, river Tuo Po melodious, million, must win small suzhou". So Heshun is a beautiful paradise.

    Heshun town is a story of the place, it is the biggest feature of the original really preserved a complete history of architectural style. At the same time also has a superior natural environment, long history and culture, landscape characteristics, humanistic spirit first, architectural style of amazing advantages, influence people here by Confucianism followed the tradition of respecting knowledge, pay attention to reading, the ancient tradition of the Han culture, the essence of southwest minority culture and exotic culture, and the fusion, before the formation of today and has such a distinctive regional culture, perhaps this is the charm of heshun.

    with a bit of respect, gently into the streets and alleys of the old town, faint taste of traditional architectural pattern, the Huizhou style architecture, retro decoration, fenqiangdaiwa charm, brighten, beautiful.

    and architectural style is: "a screen" three square "courtyard", "four and five yards". Especially the old door window carving, carving true to life, liberal and dignified, Reiki full. The steps in the house are made of a unique volcanic stone.

    is a philosopher and Mr. AI’s former residence, former residence of the building is exquisite, Chinese and Western courtyard, brick, building on a lattice, carved fan, western style small balcony, main hall has a stone arches round, vines, simple.

    and library construction is quite atmosphere, through the gate, door, garden, library building. Novel structure, unique layout, beautiful and elegant, rich atmosphere. < /;

    Holland [Delft] you see I am blue

    if you want to conceive a picture of an idyllic scene in your mind, what are the elements? Houses, rivers, blue sky, white clouds, pasture, windmill. When a small art class always use the most simple lines portrayed in this idyllic countryside, however, grew up just pleasantly surprised, really have such a presence in the world, in Europe, in the windmill rotating Holland creak. This beauty is very simple, but more simple scenery more can move we often feel anxious and restless heart, and real Holland than paper draw many fine, here brings travelers surprise lies, he is a combination of simple and elegant is attractive and unforgettable.

    Holland seems to have been refined with the passage of time into the details of this land, even the small town frequented by visitors is also true. Delft is such a place, the town between Hague and Rotterdam, with two institutions of higher learning is also known as the city of knowledge. Holland has a very long history, after the conquest of sea coachman to now the years of precipitation the calm atmosphere, let the town unique temperament. From the beginning of the 17th century, hundreds of years of Delft ancient canal and stone arch bridge condensed into here only belongs to the idyllic scenery here, like its blue as fine pottery. In this town for years inside, can follow the ancient canal history, stone arch bridge and love the people hand through chic, quiet water and green trees around, there are occasionally play a teal, bow is the corner are blooming colorful flowers, of course, is in the air the tulip fragrance, silhouetted against the blue sky without filter modified pure, everything is quiet and beautiful.

    walk through Holland in Delft, through the old church, the new church, city hall…… Delft is really a town clean, not too noisy belongs to the modern city noise and heavy traffic noise, there is the square from time to time from the sounds of the bell, so this was reflected in the canal of the ancient city and a bit more melodious. A clever exquisite high streets and back lanes are dotted in the doorway and shops, roadside flowers. Even the small streets into the walk, but also can not find the same surprises and scenery. The ancient mottled walls are left traces of the years, the details of the details can be revealed here for the love of life. Is the taste of life, but the people here seem to live a quiet and romantic poem. If you can, I really hope to have been in such a small town;

    The story of a family of coconuts in Sanya

    coconut in Sanya everywhere, seems to be one of the most common goods, every visitors from around the world come to here, and to the Southeast Asian countries, will enjoy a drink coconut, coconut water, drinking water after the inside of the meat eaten out, these seemingly ordinary but behind the action and experience, has a profound and unusual significance.

    of tropical Sanya, and has been born and many parts of the country is not the same place, as to the desert, the camel must follow to get out of the desert, coconut in coconut also has the irreplaceable significance.

    came to the middle of the road of foreign trade, this place before selling coconut, decided to go to the first market around, Meida came to the smell of seafood processing shop, compared to before the popularity seems to be more popular, it is not the time to eat, otherwise it will not have a quiet place to sit.

    the original plan during the Spring Festival to do a live seafood purchase and processing, according to the current situation I want to book a little difficulty, only when the provisional decision, look forward to that day not too long, I believe many of my friends want to know more information timely and profound.

    store environment is less and less clean, neat and clean, comfortable or great!

    northern winter long black, eighteen degrees north of Sanya, there has been able to continue until six, it also makes people want to find a little bit lazy feeling almost to come out from the Meida seafood processing shop, take the sun just, decided to go to the foreign trade way to drink coconut.

    sell coconut called third sister, after a friend introduced me the first time I saw, thought it would be a store, found only in the hallway, although the environment is simple, a lot of people do come coconut. Now in the area of coconut is about 15 yuan each, here are $9 each, to be honest, this is the conscience of the.

    had 1.5 yuan a coconut years already do not know where to go?

    has so far written from young girl, from nothing, accumulate the initial time, the roadside can easily set the table, a lot of relatively good business, now in order to ensure the safety and reduce the risks, not to put the table on the road, so a lot of people most is to take away.

    sitting here for about half an hour, back and forth, there have been a lot of people come over to buy Coconut, next to a tourist said: just bought a coconut drink two no water. Third sister explained patiently how to pick good coconut, how to drink and eat meat are good not to mind taking the trouble…


    Help Quanzhou Seacell inscription, riding along the Silk Road



    of Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Cycling Association organized many riders Chen Yangcan and Liu Haixiang together to ride into the city, Liu Hisoar global riding, publicity Quanzhou feat point praise.

    Luoyang bridge formerly million ONKYO, in the Luoyang River Estuary, 5 kilometers away from the spring city, the Northern Song Dynasty emperor? Five to? Four years (1053 ~ 1059) by the magistrate of Quanzhou Bo presided over the building. Luoyang bridge is one of the earliest surviving cross sea bridges in Dashiqiao, which has become the pride of the people of Quanzhou. In Quanzhou, "standing like things down as Luoyang bridge tower," saying, be handed down from age to age.

    "solo Superman" Liu Haixiang alumni back to his alma mater to welcome

    on the morning of December 25, 2016, Chen Jiageng Memorial Hall in front of the Huaqiao University, drums bursts of excitement, singing loud and greet guests. Huaqiao University Quanzhou Alumni Association held here for Superman Liu Haixiang alumni back to his alma mater to welcome Liu Haixiang alumni to indomitable will, firm and indomitable spirit, in the way of low-carbon, re take the Silk Road Tour, starting from Italy, through 15 countries, and 21 provinces, Chinese ring riding lasted 417 days, travel 26000 km, a single riding alone, walk fatigued with the journey can be called, writing a legendary life feat. Quanzhou Seacell inscription help, for Belt and Road Initiative propaganda work, Hisoar alumni riding feat a very good interpretation of the love dare to fight to win the Quanzhou spirit, to show the Chinese University sub style style.

    the morning of December 25th, Huaqiao University 2010 MBA alumni, riding around the world, around the China, "solo Superman" said Liu Haixiang returned to his alma mater. In front of the Chen Jiageng memorial hall, vice president of the board of directors of the school, the president of the Quanzhou Alumni Association, President of the Federation of, such as welcome to return to the president of the United States, such as the return of Liu Haixiang, Wu Xiaobin, chairman of the MBA. Today to attend the ceremony and the Council of the Huaqiao University, Xiang Shimin, director of the office of Alumni Association Alumni Association Secretary General Wang Qiang, Quanzhou Alumni Association executive vice president Li Jian, Huang Hongbin, Lin Shou, administered by the alumni association chairman Hong Hong, Secretary General Chen Siping, Professor of Law School Alumni Association, honorary president of Quanzhou Kang Yuchen Alumni Association Deputy Secretary General Chen Jiazhen, Xie Xiaopeng.

    Vice president of Huaqiao University has said

    Road, alumni Liu Haixiang overcame all kinds of difficulties and challenges, help the Seacell inscription and spreading the Chinese culture and publicity, publicity hometown alma mater, fully demonstrated the Chinese University style. He wished Liu Haixiang to get more and better results, the spirit of the Chinese people to more places for the reputation and influence of his alma mater to make greater contributions to the spread.

    Liu Haixiang alumni;

    The most beautiful old city, from the moment the train started

    The most beautiful old city in the country, from the moment the train started – Sohu travel

    Qingdao train station, is one of the most beautiful train station on the seaside, uniform style, and the old city of Qingdao red trees, blue sky. The moment the train was amazing by the old city of Qingdao.

    along the coast, is the most ancient city of Qingdao, the roof is a bright red, the walls painted a light yellow, the city is a coastal city unique clean. If you come here in summer, the street car people, seaside beach is crowded. But it’s much cleaner in winter.

    old city terrain is not smooth, high and low, along the steps up and down, the old house on the road is the most beautiful scenery.

    the old city road narrow, crooked, disoriented, turn a look ahead is the seaside. If it is not in the winter, these small alleys can always see the wedding couple.

    Ba Da Guan is the essence of the old city of Qingdao, is also one of the most beautiful city in the downtown area of a quiet place, located in different styles of small houses.

    along the sea to build a wooden plank road, this section is the most beautiful landscape of Qingdao waterfront.

    these old houses, mostly built in the last century in 30s, many of the old houses are private houses, not open to the outside world, known as the Museum of architecture.

    winter leaves have fallen, which is typical of the northern winter, other seasons of the Ba Da Guan, always accompanied by green trees and red flowers.

    there is no hustle and bustle of visitors, calm down Ba Da Guan is the most beautiful.

    35 years ago, a film holding a red temple, Putin visit, almost listed


    is the most famous scenic spot in Henan province.

    Shaolin Temple is located in Zhengzhou, Dengfeng, founded in 495 ad, is the Zen ancestor court. This temple monks and become famous because of martial arts, and a 1982 movie "Shaolin Temple" is known to every family, since the Tang Dynasty was known as the best in all the land temple.

    Shaolin monks practicing martial arts, has a long history. Martial arts master Jin Yong’s novels often appear Shaolin faction, seventy-two skilled known. The Shaolin monks in the temple of the ancient martial arts on the left traces.

    The famous monastery of

    , in fact, the area is not large, UNESCO in 2010 to include Shaolin Temple, "heaven and earth" buildings listed as world cultural heritage.

    2006 in March 22nd, when President Putin visited Shaolin Temple, watching Shaolin Kung Fu Performances, he was the first foreign minister to visit Shaolin Temple in Shaolin history.

    in the corner of Shaolin Temple, dedicated to the film "Shaolin Temple" theme song engraved on the stone, in order to thank the film to promote the contribution of Shaolin Temple.

    Shaolin Temple has not given up the road to commercialization, founder of Shaolin monk group, on behalf of management of other temples, open Shaolin pharmacy, Shaolin bookstore and other, with the reputation of Shaolin Temple, in the commercial road farther.

    by the end of 2016, Shaolin Temple hosted 17 monasteries in the country, known as the lower house of Shaolin Temple, and bought a piece of land in Australia, ready to build Shaolin Temple overseas.

    had heard rumors of Shaolin Temple in 2010 to be listed, the Shaolin Temple was denied. It is said that the local government is to Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Temple listed China did not know.

    Shaolin Temple in Tallinn, is the tomb of monks. Since the Tang Dynasty, more than 230 seats in Guta, is the largest in Tallinn. The higher the number of towers, the greater the prestige of the monk.


    Travel essential! 2017 outbound travel schedule freshly baked!

    Thailand’s tourist season, this time the weather is cool, during the day can enjoy the tropical style of Thailand, there will be no mosquitoes at night or because of hot and difficult to fall asleep. In addition, many South Island will open to tourists during this period, to experience the full range of island style, northern Chiang Mai million Sky Lantern Festival will be held during this period of time.


    best travel time: addition to September

    in September by burning straw throughout Indonesia, Singapore air quality is very poor, the haze shrouded, low visibility, to tourists need to make preparation for protection.

    from thirteen

    mafengwo users crazy


    best travel time: 11 months – February

    in Vietnam during the dry season and cool season, the weather is relatively cool, at the same time, this time is the time in Vietnam holiday gathered, the January Dalat Flower Festival, the Spring Festival of February, visitors can easily feel more pure style of Vietnam in the festival.


    best travel time: 11 months to the end of April next year,

    from May to November due to wet season rain, the weather changes, relatively speaking, is the off-season tourism in Maldives, especially for photography lovers, that come rain but taboo.


    best travel time: 11 months to April

    this is the winter of Kampuchea, blowing dry cool northeast monsoon, the average temperature of 25 degrees C ~ 32 c, is the best tourist season.

    Sri Lanka

    best travel time: 1 months -3 month

    hot tourist destinations are more concentrated in the southwest, this time less rainfall, air temperature.

    from the mafengwo user YangYangiiiiii


    best travel time: 5 months -7 month

    Saipan is suitable for travel throughout the year, but every year 8-10 months is the typhoon season, travel or need to be cautious.

    from Akita mafengwo Jun




    Flowers open! Haikou spring festival flowers to send the route! Let’s get together!

    in the north, have always been dubbed Snow gleams white. situation. From the head to the foot of the armed, eyeful are all gray and white, although there are red lanterns and couplets dotted among them, but there is always some color and vitality.

    but in the new year in Hainan, the island of enthusiasm, always surprise to the guests a little color to see. New Huacheng new Haikou, the Spring Festival and the family or about 35 friends together to enjoy the flowers, not to have a taste!

    Binhai Park triangle plum blossom show

    golden flowers of spring, yingxiang. The triangle plum exhibition invited 51 provinces inside and outside the enterprise and individual exhibitors were from Hainan (Haikou, Sanya), Guangdong (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan), Guangxi (Nanning), Yunnan (Kunming, Yiliang), Fujian (Zhangzhou, Xiamen), Shanghai, 10 counties in 7 provinces of Sichuan. Through the characteristics of the triangle plum display, combined with a variety of shapes, such as triangle plum art show, to the public visitors to show unusual Bougainvillea and a wide variety of Bougainvillea art works.


    exhibited a total of 80 kinds of flower bougainvillea, lemon yellow, red, Roseville double joy, Monalisa, cherry, red cherry, green orange, dark spots and small pink ice.

    triangle plum maze: to triangle plum combine with other flowers and plants, to create fun interactive plant maze, for the public to play.

    triangle plum waterfall: the use of the park terrain to create a waterfall from the top of the Pentium, the formation of the face, the magnificent plant landscape.

    triangle plum sea : the use of Bougainvillea and seasonal flowers to create a landscape with flowers, to provide visitors with a view to stop the beautiful scenery.

    : the response of Maritime Silk Road Landscape lighthouse, a symbol of the beacon of hope standing in the lake, to illuminate the whole lake, a ship triangle plum ship pilot, gorgeous lighting for the flower show spice.

    address: Binhai Road in Longhua District of Hainan province Haikou City Taihua intersection southwest

    Hainan flower world

    Hainan flower world is located in the beautiful scenery of the South Bridge crossing the river, covers an area of 300 acres, is approved by the district government approval, Joan Haikou municipal government "the Haikou municipal key forestry project", it sets potted flower planting, cultivation, display as a whole, so far, a potted flower in our province and related industrial trading platform. The flowers have been used in the world and the opening of the functional areas include: Flower area, bonsai area, landscape nursery area, Chinese and foreign famous park, integrated area, research area, leisure area, flower;

    People who walk more than 7 thousand and 500 kilometers to pick up garbage, do not litter this littl



    is also used to measure the earth feet,

    these two young handsome guys,

    is like a sedan chair one after

    carrying a mattress in shreds and patches,

    through the mountain, through the primeval forest,

    also did not forget to shoot Zhang Zhaofa on ins.

    are they going to camp?

    the mattress is too dirty!

    mattress is not what,

    they saw a naughty plastic bag

    slipped to the steep edge of the grass,

    regardless of the abyss below,

    carefully hand in hand, hook it up:

    "buddy, hold on,

    or we’ll all fall,

    to collect garbage glorious sacrifice."

    thirty or forty degrees high temperature,

    There are few fresh water around


    , they’re all going to faint,

    is still carrying more than and 40 pounds of garbage and equipment

    continues to load:

    "you have to face it, or you’ll die of thirst."


    Months and years pass by. brave the wind and dew travel over land and water.

    , the hungry mouth parched and tongue scorched is commonplace,

    food reserves are often far apart,

    carries a lot of garbage, the energy consumption is huge,

    they can only rely on indomitable will support

    until arriving at camp,

    can eat nuts, butter, energy bars and nutrition powder to eat.

    why the two handsome guy ran to the barren hills

    to pick up the garbage, put yourself to the collapse of the collapse?

    two American kids,

    is a cult, one is Paul,

    are outdoor sports enthusiasts,

    also served as om Lake Superior kayak guide.

    the mattress,

    they picked it up in the wild.

    walk all the way,

    they will pick up all the rubbish on the ground,

    beer bottles, cigarette butts, toys……

    walked with them,

    until he meets a regular garbage collection station,

    just put it down.

    but this sparsely populated;

    Thailand Temple Buddha murals play through with iPad actually hidden Doraemon

    Thailand Bangkok Temple (Sanpashiu) is ba Xiu by the media as the history of the most fashionable temples, this temple has existed for more than and 700 years while keeping up with the times, attentive visitors found the murals in even the hidden Doraemon cartoon image in the tour process.

    Temple beams can be seen on the walls of Doraemon figure, but because the painting is very small, over the years the secret that has not been found in the temple.

    14 years ago, the temple renovation, invited a painter named pull, pull in the temple painting for 6 years. Because very much like the cat, she was in the inconspicuous place secretly draw their favorite Doraemon. In the end, the artist could not remember how much he had painted.

    painter’s self portrait.

    secret temple after exposure did not blame the artist, even generous said: Doraemon in the murals attracted all the children to the temple visit, welcome all interested visitors to find.

    Fu Doraemon’s blessing, this position is now a remote temple has become a popular tourist attractions, every day to receive a number of tours from Japan and other countries.

    visitors found a Doraemon in the mural, the excitement of a poke actually unconscious action, so it will give the mural damage, so visit civilization to begin from me.

    There are not only the Buddha’s reincarnation, but also the symbols of Christianity and Islam in the

    temple murals.

    many Christian tourists also visit temples.

    hand iPad buddha.



    Real shot India’s largest city, Mumbai, the robbers were rich and poor world rare

    , India’s largest city, Mumbai is a city of immigrants was completely occupied by the city, people have different backgrounds, business elite and grassroots groups, there are movie stars and robbery in the mob, the southernmost city of downtown India near the door is full of India, enjoy the comfortable wrist star exceedingly wealthy men living place.

    in the northern part of the city, a sprawling slum and a homeless man on the side of the road show the real and cruel side of Mumbai. Fortunately, even beggars can find their own place, because there is a rule in Mumbai: if the same place in the street for a few weeks of sleep, the land belongs to you.

    India before the implementation of the caste system, black children of low caste not qualified to go to school, only to pick up trash begging for a living, now the India government abolished the caste system, the government even the university regulations must retain a certain enrollment for the poor, giving them a chance to change the fate of.

    Mumbai university has trained all walks of life in India famous people, Sancho Gandhi and Dr. Ke also graduated from the school, the school beauty clouds declined to visit.

    although the India government has taken measures to assist, there are still many poor children can’t afford to go to school, but as long as anyone can find proficiency in a particular line, the chances of survival in Mumbai.

    Mumbai has a population of at least 100 thousand of sex workers, resulting in widespread spread of AIDS in the region and the country. Kama Tip La is a place where sexual service is provided to the lower classes, and vice and life are sealed in the dark streets.

    in recent years, Mumbai public security situation deteriorated, in the broad daylight robbery occurred when driving.

    women shopping must be wary of the side of the suspicious suspicious molecules.

    beauty are also aware of the danger turned decisively to go back, but the robbers brother is easy to find the high quality of the bag with the brand name customers will easily let go.


    [Aurora countdown] 1-3 Nordic strongest Aurora season, you really want to miss it




    number 5526

    Nordic Aurora 7 day tour: visit Santa Claus hometown

    385 remaining February

    visit Santa Claus Village, post Postcard

    across the Arctic Circle, met the northern lights

    ? Stimulated snow, Hashiqila sled

    the year of the great eruption of aurora! You can’t wait until 11 years later!

    ? S age range: 16-50 years old

    number 5339

    Aurora 6 day tour: enjoy the top Spa Resort – Blue Lake in Iceland

    628 remaining March

    ? Golden Waterfall – Dusk is like the precious beauty of gold

    ? Golden Circle – the magical natural landscape makes you seem to fly away from the earth

    The silver stream of

    falls falls into a brilliant rainbow with a gorgeous rainbow

    – Black Sand Beach – volcanic eruptions after the cooling of obsidian formed by the weathering of the unique beach

    Blue Lake Spa – the world ‘s leading Spa Resort, still warm and pleasant between ice and fire


    Xiongben go! Along with the minister to visit Xiongben, the official website of the line bear gas!




    / Department / long / large / human /

    I know you must be king of choice for the Secretary, it must meet you (who let me too idiotic powder ~).

    want to ask where to find cool MA Meng Meng, Minister of Xiongben is the headquarters of the cool cool Ma office. On the weekends, also can meet the minister in MA square to cool one adorable interactive exchange with Tiaocao and we can refer to the detailed schedule website oh.

    if you also like to drink a little wine, you can not miss KUMA, you ask me why? Go to the official website to find the answer ~


    / super / person / air / train / car /

    Xiongben is the center of Kyushu, either to Kagoshima or Fukuoka are super convenient. And to Kyushu, naturally can not miss the Japanese recognized the most artistic feelings Kyushu train. Whether it is a steam train "retro style SL Ji", or "ASO boy full of innocence", surprise and happiness may be on a journey the best evaluation ~

    each train has its own unique features, this is the enduring popularity of the secret, and warm service and a warm atmosphere, is to let people again and again, unable to restrain the emotions of moving slowly on this train, eternal reason.

    if the short distance may be able to encounter the super Meng Meng Meng MA taxi, open the trunk, perhaps the minister is waiting to give you a surprise! Details can also poke official website to understand ~


    / eat / cargo / day / church /

    said the line, how can not say to eat it, one of the food can not be missed in Japan, it is ramen! To Kyushu, it is necessary to taste the famous Xiongben ramen. What is Xiongben spicy noodles? Based on tonkotsu plus a chicken bone soup boil thick system at the end of the hard, medium noodles, the most distinctive is the soup with sesame oil and fried garlic, lead a person to endless aftertastes. We are in the official website to give you a selection of a lot of ramen shop, but also kind to give a score (praise me!) Small partners want to do the Raiders, the site has detailed information oh.

    addition, or fashion;

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