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Taiwan million people marched demanding emergency tourism to mainland tourists, Nantou tourism industry is the hardest hit, the tourism industry today to protest North Cai Lin Ming Qin county government, appeared to help the industry. The parade was ready to start the parade Taiwan tourism industry self-help groups will parade for the Taiwan authorities emergency tourism according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, Taiwan tourism industry is facing the winter, the outside world will blame on taking office after the new authorities on both sides of the fuzzy position, resulting in cross-strait relations dropped to the freezing point, the indirect impact in the group of mainland tourists in the industry, the tourism industry in conjunction with the relevant organization composed of millions of self-help tourism industry ", will create the park gathering in Huashan in 12, the 13, the 5 team is ready to take to the streets to the Taiwan authorities" survival, to work, food and clothing". According to reports, the Taiwan Land Commission Vice Chairman Qiu Chuizheng said the day before, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan and less, seriously affect the part of the industry. This situation caused the tourism industry has been shocked by the news of discontent, and even travel agencies, tour companies did not collapse, Taitung is three, Hawaii, came to please the Dragon Hotel for weft off land to reduce the number of closed. In the face of this dilemma, the industry predict probably won’t last long, maybe this year after October Taiwan will appear down the shop tide, hotels, travel agencies, tour buses, restaurants, souvenir stores are inevitable. Therefore, the tourism industry association has 13 public, which are connected in series "million tourism self-help", everyone should stand up and ask the Taiwan authorities to address the issue, and find out the countermeasures. Self will point out that the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan since May and less, 8 months compared with the same period last year decreased by 55%, decreased from 1 to August 38%, industry estimates in the fourth quarter will be even worse, in order to save themselves, decided to launch a call for help. According to reports, the parade will be in the 12 to 13 Huashan Wenchuang assembly, 14 March, at around 15 of all teams will arrive at Ketagalan Boulevard, is expected to have more than 10 thousand people, nearly 150 vehicles to 200 tour buses will work together on Kay Road, Taiwan tourism authorities require first aid. Source: China Taiwan network editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: