10 kinds of food to eat more hungry to teach you healthy eating hot pot ssdao

10 eat more food to eat healthy and hungry to teach you to teach you how to eat healthy Hot pot Hot pot in late autumn and early winter, the weather gradually cools, Hot pot became the favorite dishes of people. But because a lot of people gobble down after the emergence of angry, long pox, stomach pain and other symptoms distress. How to eat healthy Hot pot, has been the focus of attention of the chowhound. Here, we will introduce the method of healthy eating Hot pot: spicy and delicious Hot pot bottom material to stimulate the diners taste buds, but excessive spicy food will stimulate the gastric mucosa and oral cavity, causing gastritis, ulcer and other diseases. However, if the pot bottom material put some sweet, cool and other ingredients, such as lotus seeds, carrots, etc., which can not only increase the aroma of hot pot soup can help digestion. Of course, if we can choose a light taste of the material, can better protect the body. According to reports, Hot pot should pay attention to eat meat collocation, meat and vegetables in proportion to 1: 2 as appropriate. The variety of vegetables varied as much as possible, such as the choice of physical benefits large spinach, broccoli, lettuce, rape and so on; selection of algae food, can choose kelp, mushroom, because they can not only clean the digestive tract, but also help to lose weight. Nutritionist inventory of 10 people eat more food hungry "well-known British nutritionist Rhiannon · Lambert lists the 10 most likely to" eat more hungry "food in a recent study, the typical" criminals "including potato chips, alcoholic drinks and desserts. In addition, some meals between healthy snacks and not let us get a sense of satiety. Many people would like to get rid of hunger after eating something, but in the farm found that some of the popular daily food in fact will let us eat more hungry". The 10 kinds of food are super Fruit Berry granola, Brazil, snacks and fruit juice, low sugar fluid sticks, potato chips, mustard, pea salad, raw chocolate, sandwiches and alcoholic beverages. The study found that chewing food is easy to produce satiety, so fiber and low protein content of salad and fluid food is difficult to resist hunger, and salt, sugar and alcohol will only cause more appetite. In addition, potato chips do not have any nutritional value, more salt, mustard pea contains a lot of sugar and salt. How to effectively alleviate anxiety anxiety anxiety test a good university, learn a good professional, find a good job, buy a house, buy a car…… On the street in a hurry to depart, the work of the race against time, life seems to give everyone a wound, lianzhouzhuan survival and life pressure, anxiety has become almost everyone’s psychological standard. For anxiety, not because of external physical illness, so only a reasonable emotional release, right relief. Because of individual differences, ease anxiety can be taken in different ways. The teacher said, "we can choose a healthy way to deal with, for example, sleep, do housework, do their favorite sports, chat with friends, etc.. Can also take does not seem completely healthy drinking and smoking, etc., in the premise of a good grasp of the degree of self organization, is not a bad idea." How)相关的主题文章: