2020 60 Lu enterprises are among the top 500 Chinese brands-icesword

In 2020 60 Lu enterprises is expected to become one of the top 500 brands China Qilu news network September 28th days ago, the provincial government issued the "Shandong Provincial People’s Government on accelerating the construction of brand views" (Lu Zheng FA 2016 No. 24) (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Today, the Shandong provincial government information office invited Mr. Wei Huaxiang, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, the provincial Commission by letter director Qian Huantao, Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director Wang Hongping, deputy director of the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau Cai Fuan, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau inspector Gu Yuanqiang introduced the "opinions" about the situation. For a long time, Shandong province is the brand, but not the brand Province, Chinese selected "brand in the world top 500 enterprises from 17 in 2010 to 31 in 2015, an increase of 82.4%, Shandong Haier and Tsingtao Brewery brand has always been only 2. 2015, China’s 500 most valuable brands, the province selected the brand of the only, Beijing is only 44.6%, Guangdong’s total of $52.5% in. 2015, the province’s 276 international independent brand enterprises to complete the export of $16 billion 750 million, accounting for only 11.6% of the province’s total exports. The basic reason is the ability of independent innovation of our shortcomings, the province’s 2015 R & D investment accounted for 2.3% of GDP, only the national average, the province has a valid patent of invention, compared with Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, there is a significant difference. "Opinions" put forward, to 2020, Shandong large and medium-sized enterprises R & D strength growth of more than 10%, foster a number of world famous brands and a number of domestic first-class brand, to enter the world top 500 brand value of the enterprise and strive to reach 5, enter the Chinese brand value of 500 strong enterprises and strive to reach 60. Focus on the industry’s top ten brands accounted for the proportion of sales revenue in the same industry to further improve the proportion of independent brand exports accounted for the proportion of the province’s efforts to reach more than 20%. In order to achieve this goal, Shandong will focus on the implementation of brand construction, supply structure upgrading, the demand structure of three projects and enhance the consumer goods industry "three" special action. Shandong will implement the brand based construction, adhere to higher standards, leading from the implementation of fine quality management, the implementation of brand strategy, enhance the brand connotation of science and technology, strict protection of intellectual property rights, cultivation demonstration benchmark, the construction of high-level talent team, enhance the brand construction of soft power tamp foundation eight aspects of brand development. Shandong will implement the project to upgrade the supply structure, starting from the supply side, from the creation of the brand of agricultural products, improve manufacturing brand, expand the service sector to create an international brand, independent brand, casting food and drug brand, foster regional brands six aspects to build brand system. Shandong will enhance the supply side and demand side, pay attention to the role of leading from consumption upgrade, strengthen brand marketing and promotion, improve the integrity of the system, and optimize the business environment four aspects to optimize the market environment, through the upgrading of the consumption structure of leading brand building. Shandong will carry out consumer goods industry "three" special action office of the Shandong provincial government issued "on the day before the implementation of the national [2016]40 document to carry out consumer goods industry" three "special action to create a good market)相关的主题文章: