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Internet-and-Business-Online You have got your app developed from perhaps the best android application development .pany, now what? If you think launching it on Google Play is the obvious next step, heres what you would like to consider. The app world is be.ing like one dense forest with thousands of apps for almost everything that you need. However, in this thick crowd of apps on Google Play, you can still have your app noticed right from the day one of the launch. Read on to find out the insiders tips that most of the top-notch android app developers practice to make their app a success. Positive reviews boost up further downloads. For the reviews to be in your favor, your app should deliver on parameters most valued by app users bug-free features, intuitive user-interface and a great user-experience. Experts from the industry strongly re.mend to double check the android app on these three factors before launching it on Google Play. Heres what you should exactly look for. 1. Test the Features: After your offshore android application .pany has developed it, take time to run the application at your end as well. Check through each feature. If you have got a game built, have the developers to test each game level. Android game developers have advance tools to test the game for multiple scenarios. 2. Test the User-Interface: Users like to .e back to the app that caters to a problem effortlessly. You would definitely not want them to struggle to get a hang of your app. Now that you have spent months on android app development, you probably know it like the back of your hand. Have some else to use the app and listen to their feedback. If you need any changes, get it done. 3. Test the User-Experience: One thing that all high-downloaded android apps have in .mon is a smooth user-experience. If yours is an app for shopping or social networking, the user-experience be.es even more critical to its success. Look for the information architecture. Ensure that the content, graphic design, multimedia and the over layout falls into a logical structure. The users should be required to make least efforts to enter data. This could be facilitated by suggested search or display of default text. Getting a new android app noticed in the crowded app market is quite a challenge. However, initially even if few users like it, there are high chances that your app does viral and generates more downloads for itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: