300 owners of illegal van nocturnal night vegetables to sleep during the day meyou

300 owners of illegal van nocturnal night vegetables to sleep during the day traffic police asked the driver to produce documents police for map Express News (correspondent Zhao Zhusheng Shao Kailong reporter Lin Qingzhi) September 22nd, Zhenjiang police found a van for the illegal track in the streets, immediately notify the police to intercept. The investigation, Fujian’s Lee in the past two years, the car driving traffic violations as many as 300 without treatment. At present, the car has been withheld by law. In November last year, due to repeated traffic violations and not dealt with, the license plate number for the Soviet Union LDAxxx van was blacklisted by the police, to become the focus of the investigation object. At that time, Zhenjiang District Traffic Police Brigade on the 320 monitoring system to track the car. The strange thing is, the car suddenly evaporated, repeatedly find no fruit, the mobile phone number is empty voice prompt. In September 22nd, police found the van appeared in the new area, while tracking, while road traffic police intercepted notice. Finally, the car was seized in the Chuan Shan hot springs. Traffic police investigation found that from November 16, 2014 to the present, this van a total of 300 red lights, speeding and illegal traffic violations. Among them, the speeding behavior in Nanjing, Jiangning up to 206. Traffic police, Lee all kinds of traffic violations to pay a fine of nearly 40 thousand yuan, deduction of 300 points. Lee explained that the van is used in the second-hand car market, used to pull goods. He used to do business in the District of Zhenjiang in 2015, is dedicated to the Nanjing Jiangning wholesale vegetable, sent to Zhenjiang District Chuan Shan hot springs and other canteens. Each purchase is at 2 in the morning, about 8 points to the goods to the unit, and then sleep during the day. At present, the police are urging Lee as soon as possible to the vehicle administration department will be illegal traffic cleared, and accepted the police.相关的主题文章: