Dominating Telephone Interview Queries 秦俊杰获杨紫祝福 海军访问土耳其

Careers-Employment Do you have several phone interviews coming up? If so, you should know that getting ready for a phone interview is different than getting ready for face-to-face interview. In this article, were going to speak about tips to answer common phone interview questions and maximize your chances of getting the job. There is a saying that the interview is a blind date from hell, but what if its a phone interview? That has to be the worst blind date from hell ever but not if you get yourself ready for it. First find the corporation’s background. Make them aware that you know whom they are. Check their past projects and their coming projects. Review the companys internet site. Lets speak about your communication skills. Much of your communication potential is gone since youll only communicate using your voice. Maybe you didnt know but verbal communication is only 30% of the total communication process. The rest of 70% is the way you look, your facial expressions and body language. Youre going to have to exercise on that voice a bit to get used to it. Practice some sample phone interview questions with a recorder. Talk slowly and clean and use the method salesmen use: getting up, smiling and walking while talking on the telephone. Your interview operator will consider you a positive minded candidate. It is essential to be in a silent place when you answer phone interview queries. Imagine doing it in a busy car-fax. Thats not a very smooth way to master a phone interview. Bring all the documents you need: the company’s background, the position requirements, your resume, the written sample phone interview questions and replies. Your mouth can get dry during the interview so bring a glass of water with you. Make a list with common phone interview questions and memorize the answers. Exercise your voice using a mike or a tape recorder. Remember that your main tools of influence are the answers you give. While answering the questions try to focus on emphasizing how your experience fits the job requirements. Your goal is to get face-to-face interview, so dont try to oversell yourself right now but instead try to say things like: you could tell them more about you in a face-to-face interview, and show them youre anxious to meet them. In the end, ask them for a date you could meet them in person. Then, write them an appreciative e-mail for granting you the opportunity. This conveys that youre truly concerned in this job. With this data, now youre prepared to answer those phone interview questions and get the job you want. An apparent blind date from hell can turn into a boost in your career, so practice those common phone interview questions and win that interview. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: