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UnCategorized Vacationing in the Dominican Republic has many things to offer that taking a vacation elsewhere can’t. The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s largest tourist destination, attracting tourists not only from the surrounding Caribbean, America and Canada, but also from all over the world that come looking to admire and take in the beautiful scenery and sights that can be found there. If you are thinking of heading to the Dominican Republic for your next vacation, then there are two things that you really must do if you want to make your holiday complete. The beaches found on the island are of breath taking beauty and are probably already one of reasons you are taking your vacation there in the first place. Beyond just the beaches and usual tourist destinations, you will also find that there are many festivals and public holidays celebrated throughout the year which can offer an experience like no other. They offer you the chance to experience what life is really like on the island. The Dominican Republic beaches are famous worldwide for their pristine beauty. Even though many tourists visit the island to enjoy the beaches, this doesn’t mean you’ll face overcrowded beach-fronts and no chance to relax in the sun and go for a casual swim without bumping into other people. There is over 1,000 kilometers of beaches which means you’ll have no trouble finding your own quiet place to go for a swim and admire the beautiful beach. Other water activities like surfing, windsurfing and kite boarding can also be enjoyed at the beaches. One of the reasons the beaches draw so many tourists to the island year after year is because the government takes great care in making sure that the beach-front isn’t overdeveloped or destroyed. This is why the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. While it is true most tourists visit the island to enjoy the beaches and other tourists destinations, there are also many festivals and activities that really shouldn’t be missed if you want to experience what life and culture in the Dominican Republic is really like. Holidays are celebrated throughout the year meaning no matter when you go there is bound to be an activity or festival that you can visit and experience. Just a few of the most famous holidays and festivals that shouldn’t be missed are the Catholic Day of the Epiphany on January the 6th, Independence Day on February the 26th and the chance to experience a unique Christmas celebration on December the 25th. It doesn’t matter if you are going for the amazing beaches, the exciting activities or to experience and get a glimpse of some of the holidays and festivals, vacationing in the Dominican Republic is bound to be an experience that you will never forget. There really is no other place quite like this island and you should make the most of your holiday by visiting not only the beaches and other tourist destinations but also partaking in the local holidays and festivals for a look at how life really is on the island. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: