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Web-Development Attune Infocom is one of the leading companies in India with hands on Alfresco Development, implementation and customization experience. We have been involved with Alfresco enhancement as per the client"s requirement and have successfully completed certain enterprise level Alfresco assignments on consultation, integration and customization projects. Our expertise in Open Source technology can help you switch over to Alfresco ECM as seamlessly as possible. Main categories of ECM Enterprise CMS (ECM): An enterprise content management (ECM) system is concerned with content, documents, details and records related to the organizational processes of an enterprise. The purpose is to manage the organization"s unstructured information content, with all its diversity of format and location Utility of Alfresco Development Enterprise content management for documents, web, records, images, and collaborative content development. In addition, Alfresco provides numerous interfaces (including CIFS, WebDAV, REST APIs, Web Services APIs, Java APIs, CMIS) and application development capabilities (Webscripts, Surf Web application framework) Alfresco Development offers true Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and aspires to be "Documentum fast and free", and Alfresco can store a wide range of digital content in flexible, smart spaces. Content is accessible through a web interface, shared network folders, FTP, WebDav, and other methods. Attune Infocom offers a full rank of services for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems and platform implementation. It will allow businesses to reduce the costs and increase operational efficiency by exercising control over their business processes. Attune Infocom provides ready to use solutions and platform customization and integration of CMS systems with enterprise applications, including all types of up-gradation. Attune Infocom is capable of merging services from different CMS vendors to deliver the solutions tailored to your business needs. Attune Infocom offers organizations users to set up Alfresco to process content in certain ways, according to business rules and work-flow requirements. It can also apply version control to documents automatically, making it easy and safe to collaborate and update documents. Alfresco development is regarded as the most powerful open-source enterprise content management system. Using Alfresco, administrators can easily create rich, shared content repositories. We provides Alfresco development, training and consulting services at affordable rate. If you need any kind of assistance related to Alfresco development services contact us at [email protected] , we will feel great in working for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: