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The rainforests of Ecuador "into" Shanghai China Palace of Fine Arts – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, November 1 (Wang Ji) in Shanghai in November 1st the opening of the "World Art Festival series exhibition", from "the country" Ecuador "rainforest painter" Ramon? Guaye pi’ai to the art of the beautiful lush rainforests of Ecuador "move" in the Palace of Fine Arts. Ecuador Consulate General in Shanghai consul general Carliner day said at the opening ceremony, the unique Guaye pi’ai grew up in the Amazon rainforest area in the natural environment, I hope people can see another level through his art, "love the" lungs of the earth ", because he is not only depicted in the rainforest on the canvas is memory. The next generation of permanent heritage." In addition to the "rainforest" rainforest painters "works", "the opening day of the world art festival series exhibition brings together a total of more than and 200 works of Africa, Arabia and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean more than and 60 countries of nearly 100 artists. Among them, the "African artists exhibition area with rich colors jump in Africa natural and cultural and social landscape;" Arabia famous art creation exhibition area will demonstrate the observation of Arabia artists in the world, Chinese feel China, China works with a brush paint. All kinds of works on the spot are not only rich in subject matter, but also various in performance. In the exhibition hall, a cross-cultural and trans regional image space is constructed. "The exhibition of contemporary art world has a very rich content, not only for the arts, more important is to make an important contribution for the development of modern culture and economy, but the low visibility in the Chinese enjoy, Ambassador Diane Garner told reporters," the influence of art can transcend time and space, across borders we want to see, art become a bridge for world peace and cultural and economic development." "World Art Festival series exhibition" will be held in the Palace of Fine Arts exhibition to November 19th. (end)相关的主题文章: