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103 years Customs site building glue turned Museum painting — people.com.cn original title: 103 years of plastic building customs site transform the museum on the morning of 29, with 103 years of history of the customhouse "turned" building site of Qingdao Customs Museum for free and open society. Qingdao customs office building glue customs site off the history research director Guoen song introduction, 1897, German for "Juye Massacre" troops occupied Qingdao, Qingdao thus become a German colony. In 1899, the establishment of rubber customs (formerly known as Qingdao gum Australia), becoming the first modern Chinese rental customs. In 1913, glue customs site building is completed, is located in Qingdao city Xinjiang Road No. 16, 1914 customhouse moved into office. In 1914, Japan defeated Germany, Japan became the Jiao customs management, then experienced the Beiyang government and the national government, rule management. In 1950, customhouse renamed People’s Republic of China Qingdao customs building, the site has been in use until 2014. Qingdao Customs Museum is a building site." Guoen said. The building was designed by German architects Fred Kaul design, such as boat shaped building overlooking the plane, facade vertical masts have shaped the flagpole, building area of 2824 square meters, 4 storey 22.45 meters, Qingdao during the German occupation completed the last batch of public buildings. 2006, the building was listed as a national key cultural relics protection units. In November 2014, glue customs site repair plan to get the project approved by the State Administration of cultural heritage; in July 2015, the Qingdao Customs Museum started construction, completed in June this year. The museum set up "glue customs special subject", "Shandong customs history" two parts of the content. The scene restored, historical pictures, real data display and other means to systematically demonstrate the historical picture of Qingdao since its inception. The museum has a total of more than one thousand pictures, nearly 500 pieces of physical objects, multimedia data sheet of the 12, the scene recovery of 2. The original blueprint, glue glue customs site first customs tax department then use the Aliwen books, dial and other items, are more than 100 years of history; Japanese iron lock safes and other objects also have a history of nearly 100 years. In addition, the land use license, glue glue fold, excise tax Qing Jiao customs seal, chop hand computer series of precious articles and documents can be displayed. Author: Su Wanming (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong and Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: