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"We love it" Ming handsome many gold overbearing warm male fit Sina entertainment news by Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yuan Hong, Lan Qin, Ming [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Xinyi Zhang, [micro-blog] and starring urban love drama "we love" in November 7th will be landing in Hunan TV Golden Eagle theater broadcast only. Ming in the play incarnation of film producer Huang Shaogu, the handsome, gold, overbearing warm male in a drama in Ming will together with Lan Qin interpretation of a love hate urban men and women. "We love it" is about to launch the Ming incarnation film producer character in "our love" is a fine big drama director Liu Jiang [micro-blog] three years of sword making, plus Zhang Jingchu, Yuan Hong, Lan Qin, Xinyi Zhang Ming, such as the power to send idol lineup, the play has not aired on the widespread discussion of netizens. The play tells the story of three men and women in the city strive to pursue the ideal life, and ultimately the courage to harvest love and success stories. In the upcoming premiere, the play is also a heavy material, the concert version of MV in the exposure of the many wonderful story in just days before the exposure of the theme song. Ming in the play as the incarnation of film producer Huang Shaogu, is a calm delicate and sentimental Capricorn, but he seems to have hidden behind a perplexing emotional entanglements. In recent years, as everyone knows, in the road between singer and actor, host and producer of the identity conversion freely, the strong momentum of development, the drama as a film producer is a character in. Ming Lan Qin staged love and parting overbearing warm man warming your heart in fact, Ming drama plays Huang Shaogu and Lan Qin plays Cai Chunni is a love couple, two people staged a love hate The imprint is engraved on my heart. very exciting. Previously, the Golden Eagle Festival night, with Lan Qin and Liu Jiang of Ming director awarded outstanding Drama Awards together in Ming and Lan Qin while holding each other’s hand and said: "we love each other." Full of tacit understanding, people look forward to the performance of two people in the play. The netizen said: "the president handed Ming is simply a textbook play acting, coupled with handsome appearance, good looking forward to the Ming version of Huang Shaogu." It is reported that the road is currently shooting the international fantasy film "Asura", in addition to Ming, Wu Lei, Tony Leung, Carina Lau [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Zhang Yi, Shang Wenjie, Feng Jiayi etc. [micro-blog] will debut in the film, the "Asura" is being taken in. (commissioning editor: Lee command)相关的主题文章: