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Princess is not easy to do! Princess Disney’s Secret exposure to Princess Disney is not only a part of the story of Disney, but also a part of popular culture. Along with the progress of the times, Princess Disney has gradually become more and more diversified, and gradually divorced from the social stereotype of women. Recently, there are foreign friends of the princess Disney (because of foreign friends to all the Disney actress are called the princess, so here and below the princess is the heroine of the story of the heroine in the story of Disney An interesting analysis of the princess found that the body is not easy to find things. Users included in the study there are twenty-one princess. First of all, the princess’s age, most of which are in fact a minor princess. If you live in modern society, some of the prince’s behavior is probably to break the law. Most of the princesses are poor, and the probability of their parents’ death is quite high. Although Disney is an American company, Princess Disney is from all over the world. The United States has a "Star Baby", "the princess and the frog" "Pocahontas". Europe is the stronghold of the Greek princess, "Hercules", Germany’s "Snow White" and "Rapunzel", France’s "beauty and the beast" "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" "Cinderella", Norway’s "frozen", the British "brave" "Alice in Wonderland" dream "Peter Pan". China has "Mulan" plus "Mermaid" in the sea. Seventy percent of the princesses are white, probably because most of the fairy tales originated in europe. Of all the princesses, only two passed the trousers. Most of the princesses did not have a legitimate career (Penguin: their occupation is not the princess?) Basically, all the princesses are good at singing. After the analysis of the small partners to find you and princess Disney in common? It’s hard for a modern girl to wear a skirt for a modern girl.相关的主题文章: