Song 喆 divorce trial no results Yang Hui still believe in love (video)

Song Zhe divorce trial no results of the woman Yang Hui: still believe that love [Abstract] on the day of the trial carried out about an hour. Shortly after four p.m., Yang Huihe went out of court. Yang Hui appeared in the courtroom Yang Hui micro-blog Tencent (Tencent entertainment news screenshot graphic entertainment report group) today, Song Zhe and Yang Hui divorce in Beijing Chaoyang Court, around 3 pm, since Baoqiang Wang divorce has not appeared Yang Hui, appeared in front of the court. Previously circulated on the Internet photos, Yang Hui a long hair, but today she has appeared in short hair styling, and black over the face, wearing a black collar white T-shirt, simple and capable. In the court did not accept the interview as Baoqiang Wang divorce second female protagonist, Yang Huiyi appeared, was a media crowd, but she seems to have been ready, regardless of the cameras of the media and reporters, but looked down at the mobile phone went straight into the court gate. Tencent entertainment tried to interview, but also its refusal. How exactly the divorce case, but also to see the court’s decision. Yang Hui: still believe that love on the day of the trial lasted about an hour. Shortly after four p.m., Yang Huihe went out of court. This time Yang Hui stopped by reporters, waiting for a long time to wait for the media interview. Yang Hui said that his divorce has been concerned about the media and the public, but this is my own thing, I hope you do not disturb my family and life." In addition, Yang Hui also admitted that although he is a loser in this marriage, but I still believe in love." After a brief interview, Yang Hui in the media crowd slowly toward his car to go to. No more speeches all the way. But Tencent entertainment reporter also learned from Yang Hui’s attorney’s office, today’s trial both sides submitted more evidence, but there is no final result. Lawyers said that their team will be back after the meeting, after a little longer to be interviewed by the media. 29 evening, Yang Hui in micro-blog issued a document, she writes: "now I wish to, cause a lot of harm innocent, so please don’t bother my family and friends, I believe that the law and morality are not contrary, I have broken with his feelings, no matter whether he will agree to a divorce, he and I are can not continue to live together, this is an indisputable fact, believe that the law of justice, the judge will make the right decision. As I said today, I is a failure in the marriage, but I still believe in love, marriage is not terrible, love is very important to people, but don’t love, please let go, is responsible for their own, but also responsible for another". Song Zhe lawyer responded online broke the news: lawyers on the other side of thorns Song Zhe lawyers in the circle of friends on the two day of his coming online responded, he wrote "thank you care about, I am very good. It was just an ordinary divorce case, because the case earlier, in the case of the case when it is not clear which aspects involved. However, as a lawyer, can not be separated from the commission. On the Internet all kinds of rumors and slander, it can. Also on the case: I firmly believe that based on the facts, the law as the criterion, do lawyers believe that a duty of justice. Can be. The career of lawyers is all over the place相关的主题文章: