Winning the computer Fraud! Police have destroyed a fraud Gang detained 7 people vidown

Winning the computer? Fraud! Police have destroyed a fraud Gang detained 7 people "free lottery, winning free computer!" This kind of street common sweepstakes, may be a hoax. Wenzhou Lucheng Public Security Bureau police station yesterday Shangyu destroyed a draw is the name, high priced sales of counterfeit products on the fraud Gang, involving 7 people, 1 people be detention bail. According to the victim, draw near the booth to gather a group of people, they are very easily pumped in mobile phone and tablet computer prizes, in order to attract passers-by to participate in. "The rules require participants to draw even two times, if the two can be free to take the prize, the prize, if two prizes, you need to spend the price bought prizes." Police said it was the victim of the draw, will have to draw the same award. At this time, the liar will ask the public to pay to buy tablet PCs, mobile phones and other prizes. These prizes are shoddy, cottage products, often second days will not be able to use, and the crooks have moved to other places to continue to set up a bureau." In October 20th, the fraud gang members in the open area three Lucheng Shuangyu stall fraud, Shangyu police station was arrested 8 people suspected of fraud yang. The site also seized a large number of fraud for mobile phone, tablet computer, discount cards, loudspeakers and other tools. After investigation, the gang from the 4 "boss", 4 "child care", to send free raffle tickets in the name of being lured passers-by. Police remind, similar scam street streets in the city, especially the suburban joint appeared several times, members of the public that can timely alarm, had deceived the public can also contact the Shuangyu police station.相关的主题文章: