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Yancheng lucky lottery betting double cut off lottery Shuangseqiu 8 million 930 thousand Awards – Sohu Yancheng lottery betting Shuangseqiu 8 million 930 thousand and 8 double in the evening of Sept. 25, Chinese welfare lottery Shuangseqiu 2016099th lottery game. The double chromosphere red out all the odd shape, number 01, 11, 21, 23, 27, 33, 06. This is the year following the 2016027 out of the ball all the odd, separated by 71 stage again all odd shape. The ball size is 4:2, three is 2:1:3, parity ratio of 6:0. Among them, two pieces of red ball out of oblique numbers 01, 33; two groups with the tail number 01, 11, 21, 23, 33; a group of odd numbers 21, 23. Basketball again out of 06. 4 note 881 blossoms fall 4 to the current national sales volume is 300 million yuan. Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen) period Shuangseqiu sales of 27 million 500 thousand yuan, ranking first in Zhejiang, 22 million 910 thousand yuan in sales ranked second, Jiangsu ranked third in 18 million 570 thousand yuan, 18 million 60 thousand yuan Shandong ranked fourth, Sichuan ranked fifth with more than 13 million 490 thousand yuan. The double chromosphere 4 note first prize, the single note bonus is 8 million 810 thousand yuan, the 4 note points off the prize 4, among them, 1 in Jiangsu, 1 in Fujian, 1 in Jiangxi, 1 in Sichuan, 4. Two prize out of the 111 note, single note amount of more than 170 thousand yuan. The Henan lottery embrace 12 note, ranking the first; Sichuan lottery embrace 11 note, ranking second; Guangxi lottery embrace 10 note, ranked third in Guangdong, Fujian lottery embrace 9 note, ranked fourth, Shandong lottery embrace 7 note, ranking fifth. In addition, other regions are below 7 note. Jiangsu occupy 3 note, Nanjing, the 2 note, Yangzhou, the 1 note. When the final prize out of more than 8 million 630 thousand note. This year, the Yancheng lottery hi Pick 4 note first prize 1 prize from the Jiangsu Yancheng, the lucky lottery betting at 8:17 on August 24th, in Yancheng Binhai Yucai Road No. 200 32090352 lottery station, optional a 11+1 double votes, that is to say the lottery selected 11 red ball number, 1 ball number, betting 924 yuan this lottery was first prize, 1 note, third-prize 30 note, 150 note four prize, five prize 200 note, 81 note six prize, the total winnings for 8 million 933 thousand and 597 yuan. This is the Jiangsu lottery this year won the first prize in the ninety-third note shuangseqiu. This is Yancheng this year in the fourth lottery jackpot, tonight will usher in a new phase of the lottery, so stay tuned. Su CAI相关的主题文章: