Beautiful Weiyang Tang Yan Royal in November 11th set the file at 下北glory days

"Jinxiu Weiyang" file November 11th Tang Yan Tang Yan Li Weiyang on the royal family in peril, Huace Hatton Hatton’s film by Feng Jing, Leroy entertainment media, CO produced, directed by renowned director Li Huizhu, Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xinai and other domestic the strength of popular actor starred in costume giant system "beautiful Weiyang" announced file November 11th half past seven night landing in Beijing TV and Oriental TV prime time to time and again come out the potential tipping audience expectations. At the same time, the crew also exposed a group of distinctive character, with the charm of the nine poster, it can be said to bring a double shock surprise, so users can not help but praise: this sincerity I pay".   Luo Jin Tuoba Jun Tang Yan breakthrough interpretation brings fresh aspect Luo Jin with utter innocence full of heroic spirit posters, Li Weiyang (Tang Yanshi) head wearing Fengguan, costumes, bright eyes and revealed from the inside of the domineering impressive, a heart full of love and kindness with the grandmother of the queen (Leanne Liu) is quite similar. The dangerous enemy in at the mansion and the Royal Li Weiyang chaos, and behind this is the first time, Tang Yan’s breakthrough role on changing all challenges, and thus become a major highlight in drama.   in a battle, Huang Changsun Tuoba Jun (Luo Jinshi) not just for the sake of right, always had a profound friendship but flying and utter innocence. And he and Lee Weiyang live love child is also a major aspect of the series, the two love is under pressure and even block, but still don’t move with affection a stick. The poster of Luo Jin, eyes like fire, the forehead is the heroic spirit world.   Vanness Wu Tuoba no villain not wonderful drama Vanness Wu Mao Xiaotong Li Xinai secretly force as a scheming villain, dark prince Tuoba Yu (Vanness Wu) who is right, the haggard eyes was shiver all over though not cold in the poster. Vanness Wu, who has made a deep impression on many idol drama works, the first time in the costume drama is quite a surprise, can not expect his subversive performance in the play.   and "Three Li Shu" three sister Li Changru (Mao Xiaotong ornaments) is a poster, seemingly gentle loving her heart was haunted by anger and resentment is silly, ruthless "gentle knife". Given the "Pyongsong first beauty" sister Li Changle (Li Xin AI ornaments) has become powerful and intransigent, eyes can not tolerate a grain of sand character and its parent cloud soft chi (Tian Lishi) is exactly the same, a disdain for the sense of pouring out from the poster. In addition, the poster of the nine Princess (Chen Yuqi ornaments) smile, very cute, Li Minde (Liang Zhenlun ornaments) eyes clear and moist, dare to love and hate, two people as the emotional side line play, as the original full series considerably.   Mao Xiaotong Li Changru ancient women history drama series called "wonderful abandon the routine production guarantee card" audio-visual sense of "beautiful" Weiyang eyeing the TV drama rarely involved in the Northern Wei Dynasty, female vision as the main line to create to plot the ups, legend tells a moving to the audience, and convey the sense of honor is positive energy first, will rely on fresh stories and the story of a degree of relaxation.相关的主题文章: