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Qiao Zhenyu responded: child without planning is indeed Qiao Zhenyu Sina entertainment news recently gossip reporter photographed Qiao Zhenyu [micro-blog] wife belly goings in Hengdian uplift, suspected pregnancy. In September 14th, Qiao Zhenyu accepted an exclusive interview with Sina entertainment during the fashion photoshoot "star SHOOT" off speed, generous response to child is actually his wife pregnant naturally, "let it be" results. Qiao Zhenyu said he and his wife did not deliberately go ahead to plan something, thank you for choosing this little life". At the same time, Joe also expressed the hope that life and work can be separated, called on everyone to pay more attention to their work and role. Have a nice big son of Qiao Zhenyu Frank himself more of a sense of responsibility and worry about arise spontaneously. I don’t work for Qiao Zhenyu favorite thing to do is to accompany the family, occasionally in some special days bask in the baby and share daily. Even if the supermarket is going to think about his wife and children, want to bring something." He is also mischievous, said he and his son, in addition to the identity of their loved ones, but more like a buddy child, like to get along, usually will be a fire to bully the child his mother. Talking about the education of the child, Joe said, do not want too much to give him a kind of adult bondage, as much as possible to allow his son to grow up in a relaxed atmosphere, but also to understand the etiquette of Chinese filial piety. (Intern Jin Xiwen) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling) statement: sina.com.cn exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: