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Black cattle food develop additional fund-raising 18 billion for three projects to provide funds for the new growth point of hot columns to thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App for future business: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn with always let you have the editor, reporter Zhu Wenbin, addiction Sun Fang suspended for two weeks, black cattle food set by the plan will be released, launched a "step by step to sell the shell" follow-up action. Black cattle food set by the plan released today, the company intends to issue price of 16.70 yuan per share, to include the controlling shareholder of Tibet knowledge, the specific object is not more than 18 billion yuan to raise funds for the acquisition of three assets, OLED. Among them, Tibet, known to be intended to subscribe for 5 billion yuan of cash, Kunshan state owned subsidiary of Kunshan state to create a cash subscription of $3 billion. According to the announcement of the black cattle food, set by the fund-raising will be used for three projects. First of all, intends to invest 3 billion 200 million yuan, and Kunshan guochuang, Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Paper travel, Kunshan venture holdings and other three companies set up a joint venture in Jiangsu to invest in CIGNA, the 5.5 generation of active matrix organic light emitting display device (AMOLED) expansion project. Among them, three partners intends to hold all of the photoelectric equity contribution to Jiangsu weixinnuo, after the establishment of the joint venture, black cattle food shares accounted for 50.31%, three, 49.69% of the total shareholding of partners. According to reports, the country is the first generation of the first generation of photoelectric AMOLED production plan for the first phase of the production capacity of 4000 glass substrate processing, has been completed and put into production. Jiangsu weixinnuo is set up, which will hold in light control equity expansion project construction and put into production, is expected to achieve a total of 15 thousand pieces of glass substrate on the processing of production capacity, and will have the ability to produce flexible AMOLED products in china. In addition, black cattle food also plans to 14 billion yuan set by the fund-raising investment and construction of the sixth generation AMOLED panel production line project, the project is put into production, the main products include 3.5 ", 5.5", 8 "flexible AMOLED display and 5.5" hard screen AMOLED screen, ranging from smart wearable, mobile phone (including folding mobile phone and VR display) and professional display applications. The company intends to invest another 800 million yuan to raise funds for the production of the AMOLED module of the sixth generation of the project, the project’s main products include 3.5, 5.5, the AMOLED flexible AMOLED module, 5.5 hard screen module and other products. Black cattle food said the completion of the non-public offering of investment projects to raise funds after the completion of the company’s main business will be optimized and upgraded, the scope of business extends to the OLED industry, to provide a new growth point for future business. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: