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JoliePitt was divorced for 3 billion net worth of media reports CNN love eleven years, married two years of Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt have been traced to the court for divorce. At present, the news has been confirmed by Angelina Julie lawyer, Julie did apply for divorce to Brad Pitt. Foreign media reported that the actress on Monday to fill out the divorce agreement, said the decision is to take into account the health of the family. Angelina Julie would not comment on the matter, and asked to give her family some privacy". Two people got to know the couple Smith on September 15th officially announced the breakup. It is reported that the two broke up because of the ambiguity can not be coordinated, but there is no third. The so-called "ambiguity can not be coordinated" refers to the two people treat their children’s education problems, there is a fundamental difference, Julie can not understand the interaction of Pitt and the child. It seems that the marriage of Hollywood’s big stars has broken down, but also with the children’s daily education problems, there are inextricably linked. Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt met in 2005 was released "Mrs Smith". In 2004 during the filming of April, Peter and Julie and son of Kenya Maddox photographed by the media. Then the relationship between the two became a topic of conversation. At that time, Brad Peter Jean and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage. The affair with Julie is actually cheating in marriage. Jennifer Aniston is a Hollywood actress, the drama as a representative of "Friends" in the corner of Rachel. For Julie, January 2005, Pitt and ·,, announced their separation, and in Losangeles in August 19th to complete the divorce proceedings in the high court of. After that, Julie and Peter clear the barrier, together. From 2004 a since the registration when two people get married, has become a topic of media attention. However, before marriage, the two children together announced the beginning of the process of adopting a child. Two people together to adopt children as many as 6. At the beginning of 2006, Julie announced that he wanted to have a baby with Peter, and soon after that, Julie adopted the Ethiopia kid Zahara. In the same year, he announced that he had also obtained the right of adoption of the two children. The two adopted children thus became the two together. May 2006, the two daughter Shiloh was born. In March 2007, they adopted fourth children from Vietnam Pax. In July 2008, Julie gave birth to twin daughters Vivienne and Knox. To this, two people and the composition of the family of six children set up eight. It was not until 2012 that Julie and Peter announced that the two men were engaged. And in 2014 in a private chapel wedding, two people only a few family members to participate in the wedding, warm chic. Unexpectedly, just spent two anniversaries not long, two people exposed to marriage. In recent years, the difference in the development of the two people began to reflect. Peter to focus on his acting career, and in 2016 to $31 million 500 thousand to the "Forbes" global ten highest income actor tenth. Julie in marriage相关的主题文章: