Hundred enterprises exchange is booming, Wan Wan mine_清翼

Hundred enterprises "sink" is booming, people coming along with recruitment of Shenyang the first snow, let us feel the slightest chill of winter. But in the Tiexi District staged a lively scene. November 13th, Zhaopin and Liaoning booming group joined forces in Shenyang booming daduhui held a "hundred enterprises huixinglong million people, large talent recruitment recruitment. 9:30 branch is booming most of the opening bell sounded, many job seekers into the first floor exhibition. 10:00 am, the official opening of the opening ceremony, the recruitment will be strong support from the government and the community. Tiexi District human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Zhang Jingfu, deputy director of China Shenyang talent market, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony of the. At the same time a group and the recruitment of senior leaders attended and delivered a speech. This is a large-scale recruitment site: prosperous family gathering group, yum, hollyland, Shenyang unified group, built in three innings, jiedeng education, Neusoft Riedel, Northeast Pharmaceutical, Guangdong Development Bank, the United States, Huarun home to more than 140 informal enterprises, with more than 1000 jobs for the majority of job seekers. This is a unique job fair: most of the booming exchange convenient, direct subway, job seekers can not only find a job, but also easy shopping, enjoy food, watching movies. You can also listen to the names of enterprises in the shared hall. One stop to meet the needs of work, eat, drink, play, music, shopping. This is a pragmatic recruitment: recruitment and Liaoning booming group to build the platform, is to solve social employment for the purpose, and so many employers to find suitable talent. Therefore, the Tiexi Municipal Bureau of human resources and social talent market attaches great importance to. They directed the Tiexi District unemployed college students more than 200 people, as well as people looking for work in the community. Of course, many are in the field of Liaoning Province, Shenyang province for many Chinese return home, home building opportunities. Organizers said the effect of the recruitment will be significant, in the future will be more to provide such a platform, more comprehensive or targeted recruitment. Strengthen cooperation with the government, professional platform for the people to provide more employment opportunities. Zhaopin is the occupation development platform China leading to the user’s entire career, occupation related occupation and development opportunities. June 12, 2014, Zhaopin (NYSE: ZPIN) officially listed on the NYSE, is currently the only listed on the NYSE Chinese occupation development platform. Zhaopin actively carry out strategic restructuring after the listing, realized from the traditional "resume warehouse" to "the era of big data transformation talent factory" strategy, has entered the accelerating stage. The recruitment of job seekers to cover the entire occupation career as a starting point, to create "three party" 3 product model, namely for students, white-collar, high-end (professionals or executives), matching the 3 categories of products: evaluation (who I am), (what I do) network recruitment, education and training (how I progress), and through online and offline, three wireless channels, provide the service platform for the all-round development of people in the workplace, thus creating a closed loop ecosystem for Chinese talent market.相关的主题文章: