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The computer 10 hours a day 99% men’s sperm deformity wife 5 years infertility 34 year old Wang is a designer, working on the computer every day for more than 10 hours, after a successful career is ready to have children, but a few years down the wife belly nothing happened. Yesterday is the world men’s health day, experts remind, long time at the computer, IT, male designers have Chengdu infertility risk groups, to prepare to the children of men, with a computer every day not more than 4 hours. The man at the computer every day for 10 hours "just married, always want to work hard, the child is not anxious, want to wait until successful child, but found that the students can’t." Mr. Wang married 5 years, his wife has been unable to get pregnant, the couple found Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital professor Ceng Qingqi. After examination, the woman is normal, the problem lies in mr.. Originally, the man’s sperm density and vitality, although normal, but the sperm malformation rate of up to 99%, diagnosed as abnormal sperm disease. Asked about Mr. Wang’s way of life, he said: "I do not smoke do not drink, but, because I was engaged in computer design, one day to use the computer more than 10 hours." Coincidentally, the same day to visit another oligospermatism with Mr. Wu, 29 years old this year, he says he is in the unit control room, a day to face the computer for 12 hours or so…… Professor Ceng Qingqi, radiation on human health has been determined to have definite effect, with the widely used computer, mobile phone and other electronic products, its influence on male infertility brought more and more attention to the doctor. Large dose of radiation can cause changes in the structure of testicular tissue, increase the rate of sperm deformity, reduce sperm count, sperm density and other important indicators. However, there is no definitive research on whether small doses of radiation can cause infertility. Our daily use of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computers, etc. will cause infertility, there is a great controversy in the academic community. But he said, through clinical admissions situation, like a long time contact computer radiation equipment and sterile more and more like Mr. Wang, so men usually should minimize contact with the radiation source, and shorten the contact time of the computer. For this part of the infertility population, in order to nurture the next generation, it is imperative to adjust the way of life, reduce exposure to computer time." Professor Ceng Qingqi told reporters, through the development of individualized treatment programs, improve living habits, reduce the use of computer time and to strengthen the exercise, while the use of the experience of promoting blood circulation recipe plus radiation therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Five, Mr. Wang returnvisit told the doctor that his wife has been pregnant. Computer for a long time to put on the stomach with adverse reproductive seasons, the temperature stepped down, stay in bed, put the computer watching movies, playing games in the stomach, is a lot of Indoorsman, Indoorswoman are keen to leisure. The day before, a computer often put on belly play not to have children "posts in the online heat transfer. Holding a computer to play really will lead to infertility? "For men, a long time in such a position to play the computer on testicular spermatogenic function does have a certain impact, and long-term computer radiation may lead to infertility." Professor Ceng Qingqi said that the testes against the heat ten soldiers相关的主题文章: