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Three American giant pandas will be reluctant to return to Huamei users Natelang PU for Sohu news looked at the election deadline for a few days, the American people have to make a painful choice: in this two people when they choose one to the next four years the president. But more to the American people’s heart was, three lovely pandas have to leave! In November this year, was born in Atlanta zoo twins "powerkat" and "beauty" from the United States back; early next year, the National Zoo in Washington’s "baby" will also return Chinese. There are more than this sad news? The serious media have reported the news, sad feelings of sadness. Not so serious Buzzfeed is more direct: the panda why you want to leave the United States? Because the United States in 2016 has done! The tears collapse like wrote: a national people watching them grow, now say goodbye, this is the saddest moment in 2016. Foreign children (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) in the comments to see friends Chinese propaganda: can use Trump to exchange? Xiangdeimei! Eat melon masses is tearful, tweeted their sad. I can’t believe the baby to go, we looked at it, like to see their children start school! The baby to leave the United States? I don’t accept!! whether they should accept that babies back China is an indisputable fact. Because according to the China and countries signed a "lease agreement:" all foreign born panda, must return to the China before the age of 4! In the morning, "powerkat" and "beauty" has arrived in Chengdu by plane. Despite the loss, the Atlanta zoo was accompanied by two staff members, including a total of 375 pounds of bamboo, about 8 gallons of water, and a total of about 25 pounds of sugar, including sugar cane, bananas and biscuits". But even if you go back to Chengdu, you won’t see the two siblings soon. Because in accordance with the national entry-exit animal and plant quarantine law, to ensure the health of the two pandas, they will first specify the isolation floor in Chengdu research base of giant panda, quarantine for 30 days of life. This is not the first time that the American people have suffered so much. In 2004, the giant panda "Taishan" was born at the National Zoo in washington. According to the agreement, Taishan should be sent back to China in 2007, perhaps because it is too popular, the United States strongly requested a contract extension. But in 2010, Taishan left the United states. On the same day as saying Washington with millions of Americans came to Taishan and large snowflakes, farewell. In January this year, is also the National Zoo in Washington, babe debut, attracting thousands of Americans watch the line. Babe was born in August last year had not easy, its name is jointly selected by the Sino US first lady. Before January, most people can only see it through the zoo’s video, video hits casually millions. "The first day of the first show, Audrey Division相关的主题文章: