Ji’nan singles over 700 thousand over 6 women asked the man to a monthly income of 8000 yuan from 女f4

Ji’nan singles over 700 thousand over 6 women asked the man earning 8000 yuan play singles singles soon, once again become the focus of social concern, cherished network released the same period "2016 singles series third" status report (hereinafter referred to as the report), the report focuses on the online survey of 100 million members of the cherished network, the the report received a total effective sample size of 4555 copies, and the single mate marriage on economic status, concept of comprehensive analysis. Among them, Ji’nan data show that the Ji’nan singles exceeded 70W, the ratio of male to female was 6:4; 60% single women requirement and other income 8K; over 60% male mate to see Yan; nearly 70% women don’t mind divorced each other; over six adults agree with the "spare tire". Over 60% single women requirement and other income 8K "double eleven" shopping season reflects the current economic boom of consumption, according to single people economic consumption capacity: 62.5% Ji’nan single men and women average monthly disposable income reached 3000-5000 yuan, 22.5% single men and women average monthly disposable income reached 5000-8000 yuan, the average monthly disposable income reached 8000 yuan is 5%. In recent years, Ji’nan dating market booming, while single women in mate selection on male income is very valued, relative to the average monthly income of Ji’nan single people, mate economic requirements becomes higher, display the cherished network survey, nearly 60% female male monthly income in 8000-10000 yuan, which requires million accounted for 20.92%; and the relative, Ji’nan men on women’s income is very loose, 70% men think that women’s income within 5000 is satisfied. Live in Lixia District, Miss Chen said, their monthly income in 5000 yuan, also have certain consumption ability, but when the spouse does not consider their income lower than men, she said: "I hope that the future income partner in more than 8000, it will make me feel more secure and maintain a stable relationship in order to better economic foundation." Over 60% male mate see Yan value, favorite female 180Cm male model apart from economic income, what kind of single men and women more sought after? Look at the face of the era, Yan value is naturally a single men and women are very concerned about the choice of spouse. According to the survey found that 64.71% of Ji’nan single men are looking for high Yan value girlfriend, in addition to Yan value, the body is also a necessary condition, the shape of the female 168cm 60KG will make men feel most satisfied. An Ji’nan single woman to her boyfriend Yan value requirements than men demanding that the other side appearance is very important for less than 50% of women". But for life in the northern city of men, height requirements can not be exempted, the most popular female Ji’nan male height is 180cm, compared to the southern city of Guangzhou, the prince charming ladies height 175cm can cross the border. Nearly 70% women do not mind each other’s divorce, tolerance is far more than men to accept each other has been divorced? In answer to this question, Ji’nan single"相关的主题文章: