United Kingdom two female beggars stole Chinese tourists were found in the mobile phone recapture 月丘うさぎ

Two British female beggar stole Chinese tourists mobile phone was discovered in time – recapture Sohu global network comprehensive report [news] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 17th, September 9th, about 2:30 in the afternoon, two female beggars in London Central Holzer the Starbucks shop outside visitors stole a mobile phone, but fortunately found in time, the male visitors to quickly regain. London’s Amerah Bashir (Bashir) after hearing a commotion, quickly picked up the phone to record the amazing moment. In the video, two female beggars stood at the table and shouted to the two Chinese tourists, "please help me!" at that time, the male tourists did not find unusual, until the two female beggars came to the crossroads. That time the tourists found the phone was stolen, one of the male tourists quickly jumped up to two beggars, to regain the phone. Bashir added: "no one can see how the two beggars stole the phone, everything is so secretive. I then went to the front of the male tourists, although his English is not very good, but I also understand how he just got his cell phone. They didn’t call the police. I stayed for a while until I saw the beggar leave. It was shocking to see all this, and the speed of the theft was very quick, and the two men were shocked." However, this is not the first time. A few months ago, an Essex cable ZEHNDER electronics store camera to capture a similar scene. A father used his daughter as a cover and stole a cell phone from the clerk’s eyes. In the video, the father asked her to sit on the edge of the counter, the clerk scattered attention, as he bent down to kiss her daughter when a girlfriend to the other side of the counter asked, when the clerk turned over, the father from behind the counter and stole a value of 150 pounds (about 1301 yuan) of the Samsung mobile phone.相关的主题文章: