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Japanese media: China and the United States Chinese tourists booking platform for B & B competition – Beijing Reference News Network reported on September 12th Japanese media said, in the field of online booking platform China B & B enterprises gradually become strong competitors A new force suddenly rises., the world’s largest online booking platform Airbnb. B & B refers to the use of ordinary residential paid to a family hotel for tourists. Japan’s economic news network reported on September 12th, although the Chinese economy is slowing down, but the Chinese people’s tourism heat has not diminished. In this context, the China hostel booking platform way home network has become a requirement to seize this success of enterprise growth. The platform was established only 5 years, but has more than 400 thousand sets of houses. Around 1 years of more than 120 million people of Chinese outbound tourists, the United States and China’s two major network booking platform in Asia is starting a fierce competition. "A warm and happy apartment, near Disney (Shanghai), enter the name of the tourist attractions or commercial street in the way home on the site can easily find qualified listings. For example, Shanghai Disney park area of 160 square meters of personal housing, up to a maximum of 6 people, the cost of accommodation for the night of 500 yuan. It is also in the surrounding Hotel booking a number of rooms, the cost may be several times higher. In addition to individual homes, the way home network also provides cheap apartments, traditional residential houses and villas and other domestic and foreign accommodation facilities. Way home network was established in 2011, currently has 430 thousand sets of houses, the scale is only Airbnb of 1/5. However, with the Chinese people’s travel demand tends to diversify, the way home network will also be committed to access to high-end listings. In March 2016, the way home with a large real estate business in Singapore CapitaLand group’s ASCOT reached a cooperation. Plan for the new brand in 2016, the way home Sheng Jie 6 new buildings, a total of 2 thousand apartments. April apartment building in Hainan Island, a tourist attraction. Lu home network co-founder and CEO Luo Jun said it would cooperate with the ASCOT in the global operation of high-end apartments to provide high quality services to attract consumers in China’s middle class. Promote the rapid growth of home network is a strong demand for tourism. 2015, the number of tourists in China exceeded 4 billion passengers, the number of overseas tourists to break through the number of trips in 120 million, the domestic tourism revenue reached $3 trillion and 420 billion. For many people often go to travel Chinese, B & B is convenient and cheap rental options. In recent years, due to the overheated real estate development, China’s rapid increase in idle housing. A growing number of homeowners are looking for ways to make use of their homes. The way home network by way of cooperation with China Vanke, the largest real estate companies to attract homeowners to provide housing. Airbnb and other hostel booking platform are generally commissioned by the management of the house owner, way home network all rely on the direct management of a company. In addition to finishing and cleaning the room, but also responsible for dealing with the damage and theft of items in the room. Luo Jun said that Europe and the United States have the ability to manage their own housing owners, but the owners can not do. Way home network in August a single day accommodation booking volume exceeded 5.相关的主题文章: