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10.31 Iraq to freeze production of "move" operating profit over the storehouse of crude oil at night you can also We want you! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! The fund, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions and information management ability is better or stronger? Please click on the [] vote, elected the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: 10.31 frozen treat Iraq "move" operating profit over the storehouse of crude oil at night you can key teachers; the successful investor itself is different from the general people, you is more senior people. I just take you to a successful investor people. Let’s take a look at the news; released on Friday the United States GDP data, GDP data as investors worried that the strong data will increase the probability of rate hikes in December. 29 am, at a distance of only 10 days to election day, the United States FBI secretary said that due to the discovery of new messages related to the case, decided to restart the investigation of "mail". Because of the matter or have the opportunity to influence the election, after the news of U.S. dollar against a basket of currencies once dropped, and the funds for risk aversion have fueled the price of gold and silver. This week will usher in the golden week super, the United States and Japan, Britain, Australia’s central bank will hold a meeting on interest rates, the European Central Bank will hold the cmc. In addition, the euro zone CPI, GDP, PMI, ADP and the U.S. non farm data released a series of investor attention, please. OPEC said on Saturday that in the informal meeting, on the implementation of the Algiers agreement did not reach an agreement, this would lead to further deterioration of the current situation of petroleum investment; the lack of specific actions to support the weak oil prices, it can be seen from the inventory, the oil market still exists excess supply pressure, oil recovery process is expected to take a long a period of time, can not take the risk of postponing further adjustment of oil strategy; hope to reach a final consensus on production in November 30th. How to look at the evening of crude oil market outlook; the evening of crude oil from the four hour chart, operation attention below $47.62, from the daily MACD and KDJ indicators are arranged below the space. Continue to focus on the top of the $48.70 line market, if the breakthrough $47.62, then continue to lighten up short, about $47.49 below the support line. 49.58 days are empty single friends to make a profit of $0.92, equivalent to the asphalt 92 points, his friends can continue to hold an empty one. The operation is still the main trend of short night. Only the profit out of the friends can contact the author thought outlook. The audit delay, delay, etc. you see my article, I thought you may have missed the. I need more layout friends can add 1460748789 my WeChat, I only real-time guidance over the storehouse, you can also. Today is the last day of month ending line, please strictly investment friends must not stop, Jigong rash. We seize every opportunity for profit at the same time we must do to control the risk in the financial market, so as to go more long-term. Note: the above article by the risk control Department analyst key teacher wrote, because of

10.31伊拉克对待冻产“见招拆招”晚间原油操作止盈翻仓你也可以 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   原标题:10.31伊拉克对待冻产“见招拆招”晚间原油操作止盈翻仓你也可以   金钥老师;成功投资者本身是不同于一般人的人,成事在天,更在于谋事的人。我就是带你走向成功投资人的人。   我们先来看看消息面;上周五公布美国GDP数据,投资者担心数据强劲的GDP数据会提高12月的加息概率。而29日凌晨,在距离大选投票日仅10天的时候,美国FBI局长称,因发现与案件相关的新邮件,决定重新启动“邮件门”的调查。因此事或有机会影响选举,消息传出后美元兑一揽子货币一度急跌,且资金寻求避险也助涨了金银价格。本周黄金将迎来超级周,美、日、英、澳央行都将召开利率会议,欧洲央行也会召开管委会。此外,欧元区CPI、GDP、PMI,美国ADP和非农数据等接连出炉,请投资者重点关注。   OPEC周六表示,在此次非正式会议中,就阿尔及尔协议的实施情况并未达成一致,这或将导致石油投资状况进一步恶化;当前缺乏具体行动去支撑疲弱的油价,从库存上可看出,油市仍存在供应过剩压力,油价的复苏进程预计仍将花费很长一段时间,不能冒险推迟对油市策略的进一步调整;希望在11月30日能够就减产问题达成最终共识。   再来看看晚间原油后市走势如何;   晚间原油从四小时图上来看,操作上关注下方47.62美元一线,从日线图MACD、KDJ等指标来看下方还有空间。上方继续关注48.70美元一线,行情若突破47.62美元一线,则减仓继续做空,下方则关注47.49美元一线支撑。日内在49.58给出的空单的朋友以获利0.92美元,相当与沥青92个点,手里有空单的朋友可以继续拿着。晚间操作仍以空头趋势为主。止盈出局的朋友后市操作思路可联系笔者本人。文章审核有延时性,滞后性,等你看到我的文章,可能已经错过本人给出的操作思路。需要更上本人布局的朋友可添加1460748789本人微信,本人实时指导止盈翻仓,你也可以。   今日也是月线收官最后一天,请投资朋友们严格止损,切不可急功冒进。我们在把握每一次盈利机会的同时一定要做好风险把控,这样才能在金融市场走得更加长远。   注:以上文章由风控部分析师 金钥老师 撰写,由于文章需要审核时间产生了延时,滞后性。文章内容仅供参考,实时指导请添加分析师微信:1460748789。   金钥老师文章结语:无数人熟悉入金的窗口,却从未去过出金的页面。初入市场的你曾经可能是为了赚钱,而随着时间的推移,你却意外的发现你最大的夙愿却变成了让资金回本。你我的相识无非是利益的挂钩,你我的牵手却是梦想的始然。人们常说不以结婚为目的的恋爱是耍流氓,那么不以盈利合为作的牵手就是缺德。女怕嫁错郎,财怕理错行。理财一定要避开误区,找对方向。不是每一次进场都能凯旋而归,也不是每一个点位都能进行交易。理念是战略,点位是战术,操作是战斗。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: