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Du Feng talked about the new season: one can’t make bricks without straw really not willing to go ah Lian Du Feng interviewed Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 8th, not long ago, the Guangdong Hongyuan in Guangzhou two hall of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of sports technology, closed training. After a walk in the Arab League, the new season is facing reconstruction in Guangdong, Du Feng in an interview with the fans of the big bang, the new season and the Arab League away, out of the heart. Talking about the offseason training team, Du Feng said, "I think at present all aspects are good, because we are now the main goal is to let them have a certain increase in personal technology level, then think in strength, and the body against some lifting. And recently caught more efforts, hope in the new season we will have a good body security as the basis, as a prerequisite, of course including some personal technology, so this time we all feel very tired, the basic situation is this approximately." A joint exodus is a huge blow to Guangdong, first of all, the club made a statement the first time, a strong support for the Arab League once again set foot on the NBA schedule. But as the head coach of the team, is certainly a bit sad, but also do not want to, he is not willing to leave. The reason is very simple, after all, he is the core of the team, the team is the most important aspect of a key figure. His departure is bound to have a great impact on the overall strength of the team, and even can be said to be a heavy blow. Secondly, because of this thing came suddenly, it is in the club to the two foreign aid have been finalized after the occurrence of, for us how much passive. In short, we should also be clear that the Arab League’s departure from the impact on the overall strength of the team and the impact is bound to be very large. I really don’t want him!" Du Feng reluctantly said. However, he was generous blessing, "as for the prospects, I think this one is certainly a state by virtue of their ability, to return to NBA, I believe that he should go there will have good performance, after all these years as he grew older, more mature technology, the mentality is a great the promotion, I believe he will have to give China fans play a satisfactory. Support the Arab League, looking forward to his excellent performance in the lakers." Talk about the new season, Du Feng said one can’t make bricks without straw, "in fact, I recently read some articles, said the analysis of some staff before Hongyuan took 8 championship when collocation, this made me think of the old saying, one can’t make bricks without straw: you have no material, and then to ask for what is good something, simply not realistic, too difficult. We think that when we have six to seven members of the national team players, including Zhu Fangyu, Shipeng Wang and I are the main national team, with Chen Jianghua, Liu Xiaoyu, Zhou Peng, and I think the general team of foreign aid, it is difficult to keep up with our pace, it is difficult to tell us the real fight. In fact, we maintain the lead in the case of personnel adjustments, the result is still able to maintain the advantage. We look at the situation now, the Arab League to NBA after we have only one player is the national team members, the domestic players to tell the truth and we took the championship that level, there is a clear gap相关的主题文章: