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Hero! Chelsea nuclear moment of life and death to stop black feet cut the universe he Chelsea also has its own nuclear weapons sina sports away 2-2 draw with Swansea, Chelsea has not easily won 1 points. With blue, it is Diego Costa’s two goals. Eighteenth minutes of the game, Ivanovic ball is the top of the guard in Swansea, Oscar got the ball after the edge of the area inside the cross, waiting at the edge of the box Costa right foot shot, the ball into the bottom right corner, Chelsea made the 1-0 lead. After scoring the ball, Costa scored 6 goals against Swansea in the 4 game, the Swan sea has unfortunately become the most favorite opponent of the Costa. Costa’s air strike saved Chelsea but with two goals in 3 minutes, the home side equalised. At this time, it is Costa come forward. Eighty-first minutes, Ivanovic right in the restricted area shot was blocked, the high ball after ball to the far post, Diego – Costa leans on the mark of his Norton, a beautiful volley hooked the ball into the goal, the final score was 2-2. The barb Diego Costa, played an irresistible force potential, called a "moment of life and death of the universe cut". Swansea’s defensive players at that moment seemed shocked, perhaps, no one thought, Diego – Costa with such a shot equalised. Today’s game, Diego – suffered a close look at the defense of Swansea, and this is not all he suffered. At the end of the first half, he fell behind the uprooting of the home, was booked. Since then, the freedom of the audience on the pitch and Costa up. When Costa got the ball inside the stadium will be sounded sky boos. Costa had been treated with black feet, and even the referee was against Costa. Fifty-second minutes, Costa in front of an enemy three was amath kick, the referee Marina did not even a yellow card, on the sidelines of the Chelsea coach Conti angry. Sixty-fifth minutes, Costa received a sub goal of Zal, outside the restricted area with the home team goalkeeper after the physical contact fell to the ground, this time, even without any representation of the president of the United States, Marina Fabianski. According to the previous 6 minutes Chelsea was sentenced to a penalty standard, which is definitely a foul. In the match, the audience, and even the referee and Costa against the case, Costa can play well the undivided attention, is unthinkable in the past two seasons. As the "Daily Mail" said: "every time Costa ball, will appear a lot of boos, but this is only to enhance his game." In the Costa barb scored to tie the score, "Daily Mail" sighed, his goal "let all the injustice in the invisible". Premier League Fans in the impression that Costa is a bad boy on the football field". So far this season, he has to eat 3 yellow cards: season opener against West Ham, he eat the sign for Oscar penalty appeal; against Waterford, he is on the other side to the referee after scoring against eating card; today is because of a foul. Compared with the previous 2 seasons, Costa has no chance相关的主题文章: