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Absolutely unexpected! The parents of these diseases could be genetic baby! The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 we most want to see is a healthy baby, but if we have a variety of diseases, may this hope will become a luxury. That’s why every one of us has to do an inspection before we have a baby, so that it can be as healthy as possible for every family. A disease caused by a change in genetic material that has the characteristics of congenital and lifelong. In other words, genetic disease is usually born with a baby, and will be a disease with a lifetime. If you or your husband has these diseases, then, the baby has been calculated to be suffering from the disease! Hypertension is now more and more pressure of life, we have the chance of suffering from high blood pressure is also growing. If any of the parents have high blood pressure, then the probability of the baby is 50%, if there are two people with high blood pressure, the risk of suffering from the baby more than 70%. The normal parents give birth to the baby, the basic is not the case with congenital hypertension! Although we don’t like myopia, myopia is more and more. When mom and dad are high myopia, the baby was born, even if there is no myopia, the incidence of myopia late is also much higher than the normal population. Therefore, if the parents are highly myopic, in the baby’s growth process, we must protect the baby’s eyes. Diabetes if the parents of people suffering from diabetes, the baby’s risk of illness is nearly 20 times the normal baby! Diabetes is not the disease itself, but the susceptibility to disease, that is, the risk of illness. So, it is not to say that when he was born, he did not suffer from diabetes. Rhinitis nose on many diseases are genetic nature, such as allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis and so is a strong family heredity. Therefore, any one of the parents of people suffering from rhinitis, you need to consider the treatment of rhinitis after the baby. Do a good job in advance arrangements, would rather busy white, do not let the baby too much cry. There are many genetic diseases, including skin cancer, obesity, asthma, etc.. Want to avoid the occurrence of genetic disease, the best way is to both sides of the husband and wife, do prenatal examination, ensure the health of both sides. To avoid the elderly women, but also a good way to avoid a variety of genetic diseases is very important.相关的主题文章: