WeChat looking for someone to buy luxury goods to buy fake encounter hard return-爱多vcd

WeChat looking for someone to buy luxury goods to buy fake goods purchased by the return of the purchase of electronic tickets, claiming to be a shopping mall in Italy. Yang Yun through purchasing buy LV bag were identified as fakes. Respondents for map original single "," overseas purchasing "and" genuine monopoly"…… With the development of overseas purchasing, WeChat circle of friends purchasing, has increasingly integrated into people’s lives. Recently, Beijing’s Yang Yun (chemical) but said it suffered a fraud scam. For two years, she passed the WeChat personal purchasing, spent nearly 70 thousand yuan to buy brand-name products, to the appraisal agency, found that the recent purchase of products are fake, the other refused to return replacement. Experts said that it is difficult to identify the purchasing managers, and selling blame". Currently, Yang Yun has been reported in the vicinity of the police station in Zhongguancun. Two years of purchasing nearly 70 thousand living in Beijing, Yang Yun, is a loyal consumer of fashion luxury, like chasing the same section of the star, but has been in trouble on the shopping channel. The star with a lot of people, domestic market easily out of stock." In order to get these hot brand, two years ago, she began to contact overseas purchasing. Enter keywords on the network, Italy purchasing search, Yang Yun in a netizen to answer the post, plus micro signal as zangqin personal purchasing. "The other side is a young girl, dressed in fashion, said he was studying in Italy, while doing purchasing, usually go shopping, a lot cheaper than the counter." Yang Yun said that he did not dare to buy at the beginning, but has always maintained concern. Look at each other’s circle of friends, which cover consulting and purchasing purchasing process information. Every day the release of information, is a number of brand-name products photos and prices, and occasionally have to show the contents of foreign life. Yang Yun said, over time, feel the other side is more reliable, it bought a man bag. "It’s a black bag. It looks like it’s true. I didn’t compare it. Then I gave it to my friend." Since then, she gradually became the name of purchasing trust, and gradually bought five or six brand-name bags, most of them sent a friend. In this way, Yang Yun has been spending nearly 70 thousand yuan, through the Alipay or WeChat. In the meantime, she has never had any doubt, did not ask for any small ticket or other bills, only to retain the two sides WeChat chat and transfer records. The two identified as fake "a few days ago, my friend bought a LV bag on the Internet, found on the back. Exactly where I bought in the same section, friends say this is false." Yang Yun said, he then went to the Hua Guan shopping center, a layer of "luxury film network identification. Staff to come up with a real bag with her purchasing bag than, I am a layman, but also to see the purchasing package is obviously rough, many details are not the same." Yang Yun identified the LV package, counter price of 13 thousand yuan, purchasing price of $10 thousand and 500, the price difference is not large, I am not cheap, that is, shopping malls can not buy." In the identification of institutions, the staff look carefully for a few minutes, Yang Yundao replied, "this is a fake, or not doing very good fake". In addition, she also spent 4800 yuan to buy a brand name shoes from the other side, counter price of $7000, the same was identified as fake. "Before you buy or send Yan相关的主题文章: