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The most adorable panda twins on Sunday to Chengdu Hangzhou zoo for the new owner (Figure) panda into a small Dacheng return to Chengdu on Sunday, the Hangzhou zoo for the "new owner" heard "goddess" and "the little prince" to leave a lot of people came to their mid autumn festival at the Hangzhou Zoo, the Mid Autumn Festival is lively extraordinary, 19 children came to the zoo together with animal feast. The most adorable panda twins into large and small, also eat the staff warm heart cake. This Sunday, the Panda Meng siblings to return to his home in Chengdu. Then, Qianjiang Evening News reporter will follow the whole family, they went to the Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding. We want to know about the giant panda, to WeChat and Qianjiang Evening News @ micro-blog told us. Sister into a big goddess little brother into a small prince into a large and small into the lovely panda cubs, are artificial insemination panda baby. Cheng is sister, was born in August 15, 2011; younger brother, a day later than his sister was born. When was small at the Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding, two little guys have a nickname. Sister big beautiful, it is on a move freely, dancing in the rockery can gracefully, like a lady, they called her "goddess" brother lying in the gutter; little love to sleep, but also love curled up, head swinging sell adorable, everyone called him "the little prince". In September 25, 2013, Cheng Cheng and a small plane from Chengdu to Hangzhou, Hangzhou zoo panda hall became the new owner". Three years later, the big and small into a thriving in Hangzhou, has now entered the adult". Hangzhou zoo panda keeper Gu Jiangping told newspaper reporters the money, a large and small are now five years old, the age, the human equivalent of more than and 20 years old, is the most beautiful "Youth". "The pandas are pretty baby now, brother Cheng Xiaogang came into a little bigger than the sister size, has now grown to more than and 200 pounds of weight, a big sister also has more than and 170 pounds of weight. Their appetite is good, can eat more than and 100 pounds of fresh bamboo every day, sooner or later several buns for dessert collocation." The siblings have special "moon cakes" steamed bread with apple plus shoots at half past nine yesterday morning, a large and Xiaozheng lying outside beside the rockery, eating a big breakfast. A snack like a wolf, straining toward the crowd of children tongue, just adorable! Because the two baby pandas on Sunday will go home yesterday, Hangzhou zoo staff specially for a small Dacheng produced a "mid autumn moon cake". The moon cake is a middle and a piece of Apple again Wotou circle circle of bamboo shoots, is their favorite, "which Wowo head is made of corn flour, wheat flour, soybean powder, and some trace elements made of, also added nutrition vitamins." See dinner, sister to sit, or become the big eye disease is quick, the first to grab a meal early adopters. In the eyes of the breeder Gu Jiangping, big brother sister become more clever. "Usually, we hid food in the room.相关的主题文章: