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This good news to Tianjin hospital has the great benefit of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative Beijing will be unified urban and rural medical security system from WeChat public, CCTV financial (ID:cctvyscj) October 1st, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei three a total of 132 medical institutions will be the first 27 items of clinical test results of patients to check the implementation of the mutual recognition. Results in one hospital, in the diagnosis of disease does not affect the treatment situation will not repeat examination. The integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei recently another victory, from October 1st onwards, Beijing Tianjin Hebei three to 132 medical institutions of 27 clinical test results to reduce the implementation of the mutual recognition, the patient costs, enhance clinical laboratory management level of three medical institutions. The first batch of medical institutions with mutual recognition of clinical laboratory results, including 69 in Beijing, 37 in Tianjin and 26 in Hebei, were 132. These medical institutions will increase the "five pointed star" logo before the inspection result report corresponding to the name of the inspection items, as the identification of the results of mutual recognition. The medical unit will accept the results of the mutual recognition project in the report and will not repeat the examination without affecting the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Therefore, mutual recognition test results are not equal to no re examination, doctors and patients are still in accordance with the law of occurrence and development of disease, differential treatment. In addition to clinical examination items, CT, B ultrasound and other medical imaging examination results are also cross examination when patients need to repeatedly check the project. Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission Director Fang Laiying: we have specialized quality control inspection center, three places have. Then quality control inspection center will continue to each hospital inspection department for inspection, acceptance, inconsistent with it to be eliminated. According to the pilot situation, the three places will start the second batch of mutual recognition work when the conditions are ripe, and gradually expand the mutual recognition project and mutual recognition of medical institutions. Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission Director Fang Laiying: the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region really want to realize, from medical to realize a fusion of the words, I think it must be done, it is the level of public health services, to close, even to go to the same. Then we can say that citizens in Beijing, in Hebei, and in Tianjin can enjoy homogeneous medical services. Copyright protection statement: Tencent finance selected the content of high quality dissemination value, may be part of the abridged modification. We highly respect the copyright of high-quality original content, such as the selected content failed to contact the author of the original author, please the author and bigson (WeChat) contact. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

京津冀又传来好消息 看病就医有了大福利 京津冀协同北京将统一城镇居民和农村医疗保障制度 转自微信公众号 央视财经(ID:cctvyscj)10月1日起,北京、天津、河北三地共132家医疗机构将对首批27项临床检验结果实施互认,患者持检查结果在其中任何一家医院就诊,在不影响疾病诊断治疗情况下将不再进行重复检查。京津冀一体化近日再下一城,从10月1日起,北京天津河北三地132家医疗机构将对27项临床检验结果实施互认,以降低患者就诊费用,增强三地医疗机构的临床检验管理水平。首批实行临床检验结果互认的医疗机构共132家,包括北京的69家、天津的37家和河北的26家。这些医疗机构将在检验结果报告单相应检验项目名称前增加“五角星”的标识,作为检验结果互认的标识。接诊医疗单位将对报告单中互认项目的结果予以认可,在不影响疾病诊断治疗的情况下将不再进行重复检查。因此,互认检验结果不等于不再复检,医生和病人依然要根据疾病发生发展规律区别对待。除了临床检验项目,CT、B超等医学影像的检查结果也是患者跨医院就医时需要重复检查的项目。北京市卫生计生委主任 方来英:我们专门有专业的质控检验中心,三地都有。那么质控检验中心会不断地对各个医院的检验科进行检查,验收,不符合的它要被淘汰。根据试点情况,三地将在条件成熟时适时启动第二批互认工作,逐步扩大互认项目和互认医疗机构范围。北京市卫生计生委主任 方来英: 京津冀地区真的要实现,从医疗上去实现融合的话,我想它一定要做到的一个事情,就是它的公共卫生服务水平,能够接近,甚至能走到相同。然后我们才能说,市民不管在北京,在河北,在天津可以享受到同质的医疗服务。版权保护声明:腾讯财经选发有优质传播价值的内容,可能会做部分删节修改。我们极其尊重优质原创内容的版权,如所选内容未能联系到原文作者本人,请作者和bigson(微信)联系。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: