Picking The Perfect Bottom – Shorts, Tights Or Pants-beef怎么读�

Fashion-Style For generations, women have gritted their teeth and had to put up with whatever shorts, tights or pants came off the assembly line. The simple fact is that some cuts and styles just don’t suit some people. The new approach is friendlier and much less arbitrary in terms of styles, and the cuts are looking good. How to wear tights, no matter what size or shape you are. The trouble with tights is that some types really irritate some people. They don’t look or feel right. It’s not you, it’s them. The wrong tights feel wrong because they are wrong for you. The right tights feel great, extremely .fortable, and allow you to move properly and easily. They actually energize you because they’re supporting you. Tights are a super hot trend this winter, so take the time to search for the right ones that suit you. There are so many to choose from – thick ponte fabrics, knit tights, stocking tights – the list is endless. They all look fabulous with the right outfit, so make sure you match them back with what works. We love knit or ponte tights with oversized tees or tanks and the lightweight, stocking tights back with dresses for a more feminine vibe. Test, test, test and you’ll be sure to find the tights that are right for you and your outfit (not to mention they hold you in in all the right places!). Highlight or staple – making pants work with your outfit. Pants are good, .fortable all rounders. The only issue is making them work with your other clothes. Women’s pants can be a highlight item in the wardrobe, particularly the elegant designer types. The question be.es how to do a good match. There are a couple of basic rules: Pattern pants work best with monotones, so there’s no conflict of styles. Monotone pants work best with patterns, creating a two level effect. For example, a pattern pants ensemble with a white top or single color is an instant success. A monotone pants ensemble acts as a base for an ornate top. The two motifs don’t get confused, producing a tangle of lines and patterns. Shorts and tights – make them work together. There was a time when wearing shorts and tights was a great way of saying goodbye to a pair of tights. The new tights are very different. They’re actual women’s leggings, not frail wannabe add-ons. They’re strong, they’re reliable and won’t fall to bits on you. The look is good, too. Check out Ladakh , Living Doll, Sass, and Fate’s new ranges to see the choices. Basic single tone tights never interfere with other colors, and match well. Whatever style shorts, the tights will work well with them. You won’t even notice they’re there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: