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8 days later, the couple went to Shenzhen to find a grandson to sleep on the side of the road to earn money on the road to earn money to spend too much time to show her grandson’s photo, the two old told reporters that they look for grandchildren after the 6. The old stone showed reporters her grandson’s photo reporter Huo Jianbin Nandu photo news trainee reporter Sun Yaqian in Nandu 10 years ago, the 21 year old Deng’s father had a history of mental illness and the incidence of dispute, the father beat him. Angrily, Deng left a "go to Guangdong to work away from home. After 10 years, nearly 8 years late 6 grandparents came to Shenzhen to find the home’s grandson, by writing antithetical couplet to save money, brave the wind and dew on the side of the road, sometimes overnight. Grandpa said, just want to take away from home at the age of 80 when the birthday has long been the grandson home for family reunion dinner meal. At present, Longhua district a few caring citizens formed "search squad" and the obligation to help the elderly find grandchildren. Disregard high for tracing Deng is a brave the wind and dew, Tongshan County of Hubei city of Xianning Province in 2005 alone, away from home, working outside wandering 6 years of Deng, just by his father to find home with their families not long after the time, again because of a dispute with a history of mental illness in the pathogenesis of father when the runaways. Unlike the last home, at the age of 21, leaving a small Deng went to Guangdong to work ", not only with her mother on the phone, and cut off all contact with the family. 10 years, no words. In Shenzhen, Longhua, the new district was found by the good side of the road, it is Deng grandfather and his wife came to the city sixth times the home of the city of more than 1 thousand kilometers away. Since May 2016, the two old people at the Beijing police station Yang Fang found grandson Deng in Shenzhen after the news of two, nearly 8 years late old man embarked on a difficult road to go deep tracing. From the beginning to the police station, police station, Matsumoto Guanlan Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau and other departments of the information query grandson Deng, to come to the relevant departments after the petition reflects the problem, can only speak two old Hubei dialect with a strong accent traveled almost all can think, find the departments and local. "In June 20th, Deng Jincheng handled the business in Shenzhen City, Shennan Road, Ping An Bank, this is from the Longhua Public Security Bureau news once again strengthened two old grandson Deng in Shenzhen" thought. Because for fear of missing and advanced in age, they will forget, every time the help tracing department and get reply carefully binding, record together. With these records neatly put together with the household of the account and grandson Deng Deng 10 years ago photos. Every time he tells search experience, Deng grandfather are excited, "as long as we are passing by to see the police station went to ask the night, on the edge of the road on the concrete pad a layer of cardboard, wrapped in quilts brought home from Hubei to live together for a night". In the home county to rely on people to write antithetical couplet save a little money, two old man would sit on a night train to Shenzhen, and looking for lost contact has reached 10 years of Deng’s grandson. One day the difference with loved ones miss in several people love Longhua District November 3rd in the circle of friends to see when Deng and his wife’s grandfather, is already the sixth time they came to the sixth day of the two Shenzhen tracing, the old man had no clue to rely on their own相关的主题文章: