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A Beijing buyers experience: the surging property market where money – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network original title: the property market made rich record | a Beijing buyers experience the original 2016-11-15 Fangjie China Wang entrepreneur magazine, a Beijing buyers on their own in the "930" and the personal experience. The | editor Wang Fangjie Mina | suddenly, everyone is rich. Friends meet, not greeting the three sentence, to a topic: "your home that rose?" "Oh, up so much, not to change a set." "Looking, looking." "See what? How many rooms? How much is the price?" "Wangjing, 120 square meters of small Sanju, early 10 million." Wangjing three bedroom, about ten million get, really not expensive, really expensive." This is 2016 August, Wang Ru (a pseudonym) was enveloped in a similar dialogue, she often feel that everything is an illusion. Just two years ago, she has mixed a business circle, we are blabbering millions of millions of financing, valuation. She clearly remembers those ambitious friends, including her own part, did not get financing, quickly returned to the original life, some took a round soon burned out, but suffered a winter capital. For Wang Ru, a similar scene, but entrepreneurs holding BP (business plan), family room with a real estate license. Also, even if entrepreneurs with a BP really melt into the capital, money does not belong to him; even if the housing property successfully showed tens of millions of funds, will plus deposits, plus leverage, replaced by a more expensive house. Buy a house, buy a house, buy a house! "Fools put money in the bank". The first three quarters of 2016, the national commercial housing sales area grew by 27.1% (data from the National Bureau of statistics). Five year deposit interest rate of 2.75%, while the Beijing city in the first quarter of this year, the average price of real estate sales in the same period in has risen by 27.8% (data from the NetEase real estate data center). Investment market similar to the food market". When the stock exchange as the vegetable market is full of retired aunt, it means that the bull market is coming to an end. When the sales offices like morning as crowded, means that the regulatory policy introduced soon. September 30th, Beijing, Shanghai and other 22 cities have issued a real estate regulatory policies. "What’s the market now?" When the Chinese entrepreneur reporter recently asked the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei, frozen, he replied. The first wave of the Banu sheep rose of Shenzhen, since the beginning of March 2015, the Shenzhen real estate market began to heat up the atmosphere. October of that year, Shenzhen’s new housing transaction volume increased by 38% qoq. 7, Shenzhen, a large real estate opened, completely detonated the mood of local buyers. In order to accommodate 11 thousand clients, developers have rented stadium houses, opened on the same day, 1637 housing units were sold, the average price of 43 thousand and 500 yuan, the transaction amounted to 6 square meters;相关的主题文章: