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A living doctor is a good doctor – Sohu health tomorrow, October 29th, world stroke day. Cerebrovascular disease, in all causes of death of the residents in our country in the top three ranked, and recently there have been a trend of younger. The theme of this year’s stroke day is "focus on the risk of stroke in middle-aged people.". Are you a middle-aged man? The promotion and establishment of the stroke day is an appeal to the public to increase awareness and awareness of stroke. However, as the backbone of the medical system, the health of our health care personnel, who cares? Stroke doctors, less? In January 11, 2015, chief physician of spine surgery, Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University Professor Lu Kaiwu, went to Anhui in Hefei helping grassroots way, sudden stroke death, only 47 years old, is a surgeon of the golden age. In July 30, 2015, the Department of orthopedics of Chibi People’s Hospital doctor Nie Haiyang finished the night after the morning to prepare patients about the preoperative, sudden brainstem hemorrhage, down on the desk, after the rescue after 2 days of treatment, he died, only 45 years old. February 13, 2016, Harbin City, the fourth hospital department of Stomatology, the age of 32 female doctors room Lei sudden stroke. During the treatment, the doctor had to wake up from a coma, but also thinking about "to the director to make a phone call, I can not be a night shift tonight.". (click to view "to the director to make a phone call, I can’t watch the class tonight") on May 31, 2016, Changhai Hospital, Department of burns refresher doctors Song Wei sudden brainstem hemorrhage, died in June 15th, only 34 years old. After the death of Dr. Song, the family in accordance with his wishes, donated kidney, liver, lung, cornea and skin. (see "the doctor died of sudden brainstem hemorrhage, liver, lung and kidney donation, corneal and other treatment 6 people") in June 30, 2016, Nanfang Hospital of the Southern Medical University trauma department of orthopedics director Professor Dan sudden death in the dormitory, the possible reasons for the cerebrovascular accident, only 45 years old. …… Who will be next? The doctors, who were at high risk of stroke, at the end of the last century, the American Heart Association (AHA)’s Stroke journal published a study. The researchers followed 21823 physicians who had a stroke in 533 patients during a follow-up period of 11 years, with a total of 437 patients with ischemic stroke ([1]). Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University Professor Xu DL team did a meta-analysis published in the field of Neurology, conclusion the famous journal Neurology. This study shows that high work stress can lead to a significant increase in the risk of stroke, and the correlation of ischemic stroke is more obvious [2]. Nearly half of the doctors, the number of weekly participation in one or less, although each doctor knows that the positive effect of sports on cardiovascular protection; the average doctor BMI more than 24, although every doctor knows G相关的主题文章: