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A cut 32+14 Sloan 30 Guangdong road Qingdao reverse won 4 straight – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive articles is forbidden) Beijing time on November 20th, the 20162017 season CBA ninth round, Qingdao lost to Guangdong 90-98 home court. Guangdong team won 4 straight, still maintained a strong momentum. The Qingdao team Benimont 28 points and 14 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals, Zhang Chengyu 23 points; Guangdong team Yi Jianlian 32 points and 14 rebounds and 3 steals, Sloan 30 points and 5 rebounds and 8 assists, as Junfei 16 points and 5 rebounds, Zhou Peng 14 points and 10 rebounds. Qingdao team 5 wins and 3 losses in the top row, the team has the ability to impact the playoffs; Guangdong team also achieved a record of 5 wins and 3 losses in the last place, the recent 3 game winning streak in the situation of the team has improved significantly in the sixth place in the game, the team has won the game for the first time in. The two teams compete against each other, the outcome is also quite compelling. The first section of the game, the two sides in a stalemate in the beginning, Guangdong to 5-4’s leading edge. Zhou Peng and the combination of internal and external, to help Guangdong to get ahead of 10-6. Benimont and Wang Qingming combined to score. Qingdao equalised. The Qingdao team grew in courage, Meng Lingyuan hit 2 consecutive three pointers, Benitez Meng and Zhang Chengyu stand out again grab points, to help Qingdao advantage. Boozer stood out to help Guangdong chase. The section of Harding Park, Qingdao to lead 28-25. The second section of the game, Sloan and Boozer in the points, Guangdong poor will be close to 1. In the process of investment and success, Qingdao once again gain advantage. Sloan’s breakthrough again and again grab points show, Yi Jianlian outwire also hit 2 three pointers, the score of 43-42 to stay ahead of Guangdong. Benitez Mongolia station back again and again fight, which also makes the Qingdao team back on the field advantage. Half of Harding Park, Qingdao to lead 51-48. The third quarter, Guangdong continuous use of the free throw chase points, the market will be approaching to 1 points difference. Liu Shunan and Zong Zan outside have Biao three, Qingdao one 63-54 score on the opening. Benimont and Ding Haoran in Qingdao to grab points, 71-58 achieved two digit advantage. Meng Lingyuan and Benimont continuous score, Qingdao 76-58 in one fell swoop to continue to expand on the advantage of large. The section of Harding Park, Qingdao to lead 78-60. Distal game, Beni muntyan call succeeded, Zhang Chengyu hit three balls, Qingdao is still expanding advantage. The Guangdong team launched pursuit, Yi Jianlian and Sloan hit a key three pointers, then Sloan hit the jumper, it also makes a difference in Guangdong will be closer to 82-84. Ren Junfei’s impact to show the power of the inside, Guangdong tenacious chase the score on the field into 86 flat. Sloan hit three key points, Guangdong in one fell swoop to take advantage of 90-86. Sloan and Yi together grab points, to help Guangdong to stabilise the situation, the final 98-90 victory in Guangdong. Qingdao starting lineup: Zhang Chengyu, Meng Lingyuan, Liu Shunan, Meng Beni, Guangdong: Yi Jianlian, Sloan, Wang Qingming, Zhao Rui, Zhou Peng, Ren Junfei (Sohu sports exclusive articles is forbidden)相关的主题文章: