About the use of botulinum toxin injection of eight errors! remonstrate

About the use of botulinum toxin injection of eight errors! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (text: beauty expert Hou Dianju micro-blog) a misunderstanding: the injection of botulinum toxin injection can keep two years or even years a correct understanding: in the furrow gradually began to recover before the injection, the efficacy of the product quality can last for 6-8 months. If repeated use, the effect will tend to last longer. After several injections may be appropriate to increase the efficacy, but generally not more than a year. Misunderstanding two: apply advanced skin care products on the skin, can effectively remove wrinkles, no need to correct understanding: wrinkle injection with age, collagen, the moisture content in the skin will gradually loss of subcutaneous fat will cause skin atrophy and ptosis, relaxation and aging, forming depressions on the surface of the skin, it will produce wrinkles. Wrinkles are weakening natural support structure inevitably sun damage and skin days and months multiplying the result, completely different from the dry skin caused by superficial wrinkles. The latter can be used to relieve moisturizing products, but no matter what the ingredients are added, no matter how amazing it is claimed that any maintenance products can not replace the help of plastic surgeons. Misunderstanding three: wrinkle injection will produce dependence, need to have the injection, or will cause significant rebound, wrinkles more than before. Correct understanding: 1, this will not happen. 2, to Botox for example, Botox will relax facial muscles caused by facial expression wrinkles, wrinkles will gradually return during the period of 8-10 months, but will not cause more wrinkles. During treatment, it will not affect the normal activities of the muscles, while your wrinkles will gradually return to the pre treatment level. 3, multiple treatment often brings more lasting effect. Misunderstanding four: wrinkle injection treatment effect is not natural, will lead to face stiff, unable to make rich expression before treatment, such as the frown and smile. Correct understanding: injection of high-quality products can be accurate by treatment of muscle, will not affect other facial muscle movement, so, for without the injection site, still can make muscle movement and expression. High quality injection zone five: injection of colored liquid, after injection will lead to uneven skin pigmentation, so a correct understanding of: wrinkle injection beauty treatment have been treated successfully with different gender, race and skin types of people. Because it acts only on the subcutaneous muscles, there is no need to worry that it will affect your skin color or structure. Misunderstanding six: injection wrinkle treatment: 1, correct understanding of unsafe injection. The material is a kind of natural protein purification, it can relax wrinkles caused by muscle, so that the appearance of the young. 2, the long-term clinical data and experience (1966-2003) found that the safety of medical cosmetic products face global prescription amount first Botox in various therapeutic applications is quite good. 3, Botox has been approved for use in 85 countries and regions. 4, Botox is currently in a similar drug.相关的主题文章: