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After the birth, the family said what hurt you? The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. Dove (WeChat id:air863) some words, do not say, say after it is easy to make people sad. We often say "winter three sentence statement, wounding the June cold", that is to say a word may cause great harm to a person. A lot of people often say maternal temper, in fact, can not be said to be a maternal problem, but more because the people around you should not say. It is likely that the family is very casual words, it has deeply hurt the maternal. Many people think that just a word, why do you care so much. In fact, this sentence has been deeply hurt our hearts, because this is what you say. These words make us feel like we can’t do it well, it’s all my fault. Bao Baogang was born, we have not adapted to the body and spirit are under great pressure. If some people say "groundless talk", it is not angry! Eat, do not eat milk how to feed the child? Although we all know that pregnant women eat more, the milk will be enough for the baby. However, this is in the dark to tell the patients "for this you eat so well is mainly to produce milk to feed the baby, and you have not less milk, how will give you eat so much!" Look at the small nose and small eyes, much like his father. Although, the baby is like a father is very normal thing, said one or two times is normal, but has been said so, it is obvious to tell us: do not have a child my shadow! Is it only a long look good with his father, grow up with us, I said. The children are crying again, is not enough to eat? There are many reasons for the baby crying, may be sick, it may be pee, or may be scared. So, don’t put the baby crying and non milk shortage together. They are not a sign. There is no milk? If not, give me some milk. This sentence can be said to be one of the most annoying words. Novice mothers in breastfeeding, the need for a continuous understanding and adaptation process, but also need family encouragement and comfort. The milk is not say it out, is the need for timely maternal nutrition. Do not say these words when women are most sensitive, otherwise, when the sad is we, the last sad must be you. Maybe it’s just a word, but this is your attitude. We want you to be careful about what you say. Mom, I do not know when to hear the words, you did not hold back their tears?相关的主题文章: