Analysis of Russian t-14 tanks, black Technology NATO’s nightmare aquaria

America Journal analysis of Russian T-14 tanks black Technology: NATO’s "nightmare" data figure: Russia Amata tanks (the "national interest" bimonthly website) original title: America Journal analysis of Russian T-14 tanks of the "black technology" nightmare: Reference News Network reported on September 30th NATO army of the United States "national interest" bimonthly website published in September 28th entitled "the NATO Russian T-14 tanks obsolete Amata tanks" of the article, author Dave · Majumdar, compiled as follows: if the Russian sources trusted, then install the new T-14 "is very powerful in the country’s Tower" main battle tank "Afghan stone" active protection system has been shown to effectively intercept the depleted uranium penetrator core. If this statement is accurate, then the new Russian initiative protection system will be mechanized war field to change the rules of the game. Although the active protection system is that basically can effectively intercept incoming antitank missiles and rockets, but most industry insiders and defense experts believe that this system is not valid for kinetic energy projectile, such as the United States Army M829A4 120 mm apfsds. Therefore, if Russia intercept kinetic antitank bomb a real breakthrough, then with the Amata tanks family in the next few years in full operation, the United States and NATO ground forces may face a very serious problem in the near future. Russia’s "new news" quoted a Russian Defense Ministry sources said, "Afghanistan stone" active protection system in the test successfully intercepted incoming depleted uranium penetrator apfsds. The source told reporters: the first test of the interceptor armor is carried out this year. This new system can cope with this complex target. Previously, it was believed that it was impossible to destroy the armor piercing. We pay much attention to how to destroy the depleted uranium armor piercing bullet. At present, we are carrying out further work to improve the system, in particular the computer algorithm for control interception." According to "new news" reported that the key to the system is the active electronic scanning radar built Tula Design Bureau, it is the core of "Afghan stone" active protection system. This system not only will be installed in the retrofit of powerful T-14 main battle tanks, but also will be installed in the Amata T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle version. Also it is likely that Russia will take "Afghanistan stone" active protection system installed in each chariot, and they will eventually form the "Amata family chariot. Russian military analysts specializing in the new news reported that the authenticity of the report put forward various views. "Moscow defense brief" magazine editor and researcher Mikhail · Barabailov said that the Russian military focus on their armoured vehicles in the battle will most likely face the threat is very meaningful. He said: "the Russian military is unlikely to develop a new generation of active protection system does not put them to the most common threats of depleted uranium APFSDS and attack missile." The United States Navy military expert Michael · analysis research center; Coffman said his "new news" of this.相关的主题文章: