Analysis of the British Kam Custer or away win – Sohu seaway

The British Championships: analysis of Custer of the Tang Dynasty or win promotion – Sohu Beijing time on August 31, 2016 at 02:302016-2017 a.m. UK Championship tournament first lap race, one by Mansfield in the home court against Custer of the Tang dynasty. Don Custer dropped to Serie B even this season, but the strength is still on the opponent, the game is supported by Custer of the Tang dynasty. Mansfield: the team looks in the football league is in the upstream of the team, the team ranked twelfth in the League last season, zhanba 46 harvest 17 wins 13 flat 16 negative over the league, and the team in this season the state has improved, the current 5 zhanba harvest 3 wins 1 flat 1 negative fifth in the League record. The team combat capabilities in the home court very well, but the team is both in defence and attack is not ideal, the team in a few home court are not more than 2 goals, can attack ability is very weak, the game face don Custer, the team did not have much chance of winning. Custer of the Tang Dynasty in the upstream of strength in the football league, the team in League one last season in the league with 46 points in the League twenty-first but dropped to second division in. The British team in the new season in Serie B state better, zhanba 5 harvest 5 wins 1 flat 1 negative record, although the team is not ideal in the offensive, but don Custer’s defense is very good, the game against Mansfield, the team may have a chance of winning. Analysis of the ball for handicap: the strength of the two teams has little difference, day out combination can 2.55-3.25-2.80 see the gap between the two teams, although don Custer dropped to second division in the season, but the team strength is above Mansfield, and Mansfield on the defensive end believe Custer can break down Its loopholes appeared one after another., the opponent’s defense, don Custer game worthy of support. The score recommended: 0-2 0-1 SMG Shengping Fu: 0相关的主题文章: