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And exposed the scandal! Russia five runners suspended for four years banned for life Mikhail ray Ruofu has worked for 13 years in the 50 km race at the world championships in Moscow won the silver sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, according to British BBC revealed that due to the doping test sample was found to contain EPO (EPO), the International Court of arbitration the sport has given four years suspended punishment of five Russian athletes. The five athletes included two female athletes and three male athletes. Are: Vera – El – Alan Bykova and Mira Sokolova, Ivan noskov, Mikhail ray, Denis Strelkov, ruofu. They were all found to be unqualified in the doping test in June 2015. All five of them have had a good performance in the big game. El Mira Alan Bykova was 14 years of women’s 20 km race champions; Mikhail ray Ruofu won the silver medal in the men’s 50 km race in 13 years at the World Championships; Ivan noskov is Euro 14 bronze medal winner of the men’s 50 km race. Denis and Strelkov in the European Championship two years ago won the bronze medal in the men’s 20 km race, Vera Sokolova — the 03 year junior world champion, also won the European Cup in May last year. They were found in the doping test samples containing EPO, which is a erythropoietin, can enhance endurance, especially for long-distance runners. To stimulate the formation of red blood cells by subcutaneous injection. Five of the runners will be suspended for four years, from July this year, until 2020 July. The five race champion coach are — Victor cut, he was sentenced to a lifetime ban. So far, there have been more than 25 Russian runners was suspended, including three Olympic champions: London Olympic Games men’s 50 km race champion Sergei Gere Jia Putin, Beijing Olympic Games women’s 20 km race gold medalist Olga Calacanis based Na and the Beijing Olympic Games men’s 20 km race champion Valeri borchin. As a result of doping events, Russia has 108 athletes were banned from participating in the previous Olympic Games in Rio, in addition, up to 267 Paralympic Games were banned from participating in the Paralympic Games in rio. (Wei Yumu)相关的主题文章: