Architectural details of the original Road King Lin made Coinfamily original house jiuyaogan

Architectural details of the original Road King Lin made Coinfamily house the original constant pursuit for details and construction, the achievements of the Longhu Department of the original product quality. Especially this new city is located in Chaoyang Sunhe plate, the original king Lin Yi Beijing villa core (real estate information) project. According to Longhu garden "eight twenty-four" elaborate maker Coinfamily garden; on "French" create a sophisticated technique, Seiko construction details, highlighting the extraordinary quality of the original house to rhyme. Is appropriate, when constructing appropriate Longhu in the selection of each original site selection, pay attention not only to do a garden, more attention is the garden can infect to what kind of historical context and the context of nature. Wenyuhe Beijing No.1 North villa, from Guanting Reservoir on, down to the Tongzhou canal. Number one villa is exactly in the Wenyu River hinterland, the homonym is this is a piece of paradise "". Behind the king Lin original green, is the wetland park planning is a government, surrounded by green, the cloud volume, so called North Xuanwu; south is a meditation of the lake, South suzaku. About Beijing Chengde expressway, Beijing fast, for the left wing, right white tiger, the road network access, around the edge. Jing Lin original architectural form of the whole community is typical of the south north high, back surface water mountain pattern. The landscape of the potential reservoir of poly gas of the world Chinese ancient "gas" is a mysterious word, gas to a thriving, and in the original king Lin most incisive play it, regardless of pavilions, gardens, stones, lane, all is for the sake of gas and building, to camp create a mountain heavy water complex, a natural landscape pattern, combine to change the infinite anger, a sense of hierarchy. For example, the four water return to the hall that is a condensed heaven and earth popular Feng Shui pattern. Jing Lin original reference courtyard regulation of the north, four water to the court system applied to the landscape, as that around rain, meaning making, auspicious. Every scene of the original selection of rockery Lin, after millions of years of natural rain baptism, the traditional crafts famous "Han mountain rocks" and its disciples hand sketched stack, will the traditional mountain style and aesthetic China with nature. To consider every hill view of beauty, and trees, flower window, relationship building, need to do the show, crepe, thin, transparent". Jing Lin palace type park lobby works, in order to form perception is different from the conventional natural water systems in the park, the lobby pool bottom by a bunk Xiu pool, and as one of the four famous jade jade Chinese history, its texture is solid and moist, tender and harmony, is green to green lake. In order to improve the quality of the entire community, Lin Jing original designers in color selection on the jade to meet the cultural landscape artistic conception to choose, in order to create a Chinese enjoyable landscape enjoyment. Longhu garden, four, all of the pictures of king Lin original fully learn the traditional courtyard in Chinese elegant, quiet, introverted cultural essence, and the whole building is different from the Western row east-west, north-south streets to take, so as to ensure sufficient lighting and ventilation effect. Not only respect the traditional neighborhood association and meet the needs of modern living, privacy. Beijing Chaoyang No.1 villa, Coinfamily original house – Jing Lin original address: North 9相关的主题文章: