Bang Bang air-conditioning installation work accident from the 7 floor fall death steam_api.dll

Bang Bang air-conditioning installation work accident from the 7 floor fall dead yesterday about 3:50 in the afternoon, Hangzhou City Ye Jia Lane 3 air-conditioning installation work falls accident occurred, workers falling from the 7 floor, died on the spot. 4:20 PM, when reporters rushed to the District, six or seven police officers are surrounded by a cordon leading to the courtyard of the 3 outside, more than 20 residents are talking about the previous scene. According to sister Zhao 3 Building 1 floor in the yard of the memories, when she heard a bang a loud noise, then there is a shout of "someone down". Zhao sister went out to look, man falls is just and she passed a master air conditioning. "He was like 50 years old, the head fell to a large concave spot, who is gone." More than 5 in the evening, falls man’s body was. According to neighbor aunt said, living in the 7 floor of the room is a couple of small, air conditioning is the master of their contact. After the incident, the police found the hostess made a record, the reporter saw at the front of the residents of the home, a wall type air conditioning is not installed on the edge, and drills and other installation tools. At that time to install the air conditioning there are two master, came back with an air conditioner, because the downstairs along the cement barrier board can step on the 7, the decoration of the master in the installation of air conditioning machine when there is no safety rope." The sub district staff said that this is a preliminary understanding, falls occurred in the process of installation of air conditioning accident, police are still investigating the details.相关的主题文章: