Battle Mountain West River Pengzhan Shougang old lord Yue Sun said with a smile played by

Battle Mountain West River Pengzhan Shougang old lord Yue Sun said with a smile played by overdraft Yue Sun outstanding Beijing Shougang Basketball to continue the trip, they challenge team Shanxi tonight, Duan Jiangpeng is also the old club. Back to the second home yesterday, a small part of the media attention to the protagonist, but he said, do not know how to use the mood to face former teammates. Duan Jiangpeng into the media spotlight Team Shougang yesterday take the high-speed railway from Tianjin to Taiyuan, almost put down baggage and went to the hotel hall. But after the game last night high strength and long training Laughton, small amount of players, a main player in the shooting and recovery, less playing time for the players against the half. After the training, the reporters surrounded Duan Jiangpeng. He is about to face the topic of the old club is naturally the focus of attention, the normal play, when the game will be what mood, and now do not have experience, I do not know." Short reaction seemed a bit dazed, asked whether there is pressure in the face of the Shanxi fans, is about to speak, but saying nothing. After the game, he admitted that the situation into the team has taken a step forward, which is undoubtedly a good phenomenon, the last hand is better, the opportunity to go out with their own rhythm just together." Back to the second home, but the player’s identity, Duan Jiangpeng said, because the provisions can not without leave, can not bring teammates a taste of Shanxi pasta, "trying to think of a way, because do not let go, I do not know how to do." Min Shuai satisfied members of the State students their training, min handsome move the bones on the sidelines. Hard three passengers have won 2 games, and he is more satisfied with the team is gradually entering the state. With the game process, we are familiar with the game, including the adaptation of the game has been on the right track." In addition, on the 2 road also let the soldiers gain confidence and determination, the away game certainly not easy, and backward, leading to a stalemate, finally play a key ball, plus a good basis for training, psychological is excellent." Yue Sun in the last round of paratelum key play, but yesterday at the end of the training frowned and said some foot pain, smile on a "overrun", "overdraft more, also more, just like a credit card." But the king said, will continue to adhere to. The team is in good form, he said: "for tonight’s game, do not need to mobilize, before Shandong, Tianjin are very difficult to play the road, as well as Shanxi, everyone through this unit winning, to complete the task well done in one vigorous effort then."相关的主题文章: