Beautiful is the hit Weiyang routine more people dissatisfied with the new network – in dataload

"Beautiful" is the hit more routine Weiyang people dissatisfied with the Beijing Opera Costume – "beautiful" is the Oriental TV hit weiyang. From the first few episodes of the show, compared with the original novel, the TV series in the relationship between the larger changes, which makes the original powder expressed surprise. In addition, it makes people’s minds or old problems: the plot and old stems too much, the voice of the recurrence of the problem, many details do not respect the audience iq. This just reflects the lack of innovation in costume drama screenwriter. However, Tang Yan played the heroine revenge show still has the highlight of her acting get some recognition, and become the biggest power supporting the reputation. Author: Guangzhou Daily reporter Ceng Jun play a breakthrough topic: Tang Yan no longer silly white sweet, however, in a Tucao sound, the play is still a breakthrough. Tang Yan had been the "silly white sweet" image is known, the "Jinxiu Weiyang" is her first challenge the growing role of class to get rid of the past, subtly malicious, "white lotus" of the show, this created a great challenge for her. From the current broadcast scenes, Tang Yan’s efforts to obtain preliminary affirmation, its performance is still remarkable, her acting as many people watch the power of the drama, "kindness and wisdom, not a short period of time passed subtly malicious, abundant information, full of hidden bear characters the child, too, natural and smooth". In addition, Luo Jin and Tang Yan fourth partners in the play, the two hand can also bring benefits to the CP powder. Up to now, their play played a sugar effect is very significant. Behind the scenes: in fact, even other folk teacher checks received too much criticism, but creative still feel unfair. In fact, the drama Dynasty background is the northern and Southern Dynasties, the crew invited a special study of this history teacher in folk creation, the other showing the Han and Xianbei ethnic characteristics etc.. Among them, Vanness Wu plays the Tuoba Yu braids, played by Luo Jin Tuoba Jun retains two pigtails in temples and reflects the style characteristics of the Xianbei, do not move the brain hole wide open. Secondly, the costumes are gorgeous. It is reported that Tang Yan had more than and 90 sets of clothing, including Daliang, Shang Fu Anping princess, miss, in different stages, such as costumes queen dowager empress dowager, is only installed will cost 300 thousand yuan, this is Tang Yan filming has encountered one of the largest clothing style. Praise: fast to fly, male and female have launched the first three sets of substitutions from the point of view, "Jinxiu Weiyang" fast rhythm indeed worthy of praise. In the play volume short, actress and actor born from the heart to the Tuoba Jun encounter, from the little princess to the light of heart from care, on the folk, from Lee Weiyang have died for her to take Li Weiyang into the palace, lurking in the enemy. This is a series of progressive plot coherent, so many viewers feel surprise. At the same time, with the exception of the heroine, the main characters of Tuoba Jun, Li Changru, Li Changle, Tuoba Yu all gradually debut, not a bit of procrastination. The audience think that after "Qingyun Zhi", "city of fantasy", broadcast three months, but the costume drama plot.相关的主题文章: