Before the collapse of the former girlfriend of Shanghai hot shot Sun Jian interpretation wise youth wh60a

"Zhengkua ex girlfriend" Shanghai hot shot Sun Jian interpretation of "intelligent" young Sun Jian "entertainment Sohu Zhengkua ex girlfriend" stills Sohu entertainment news recently, by the actor Sun Jian starred in the drama "city Zhengkua ex girlfriend" is Shanghai hot shot, the play by the music as ecological self-produced fan, directed by golden house, transfer of love in a relaxed and humorous way is, as the focus of investment this year, the drama repertoire since the foundation of as much concern to the industry. But just after the TV drama "sea and clouds", "reality show" familiar taste shooting popular actor Sun Jian, immediately put down the "ex girlfriend" shooting as the male in the play, play the part of Jin Qilin. Sun Jian played with the wisdom of youth for "love" over the family business is "down" ex girlfriend as a leader of the native IP, collocation of distinctive love story with light humor, different from the previous simple romantic idol drama, "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" from the reality, starting from the focus of the audience more attention, empathy. Sun Jian played in the drama golden kylin ambition, is the ideal of "wisdom" of youth, but because he is a "gold 133rd generation", we can’t live up to my expectations, took over the family business to become "beautiful long square" in the home, also because of superior appearance, attract a large number of followers. Sun Jian kept shooting is expected by the end of the summer heat from broadcast since "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" shooting, Shanghai weather continued high temperature fan, director in the micro-blog gold core out because of the hot weather. Actor, Sun Jian entered the group’s status is not Tingpai, dedication touched by the director and the staff. Friends and fans are also drying out on micro-blog’s concern for Sun Jian, Shanghai high temperature summer attention, pay attention to the body, do not be too tired, interactive. It is reported that the play is expected by the end of the landing broadcast, to see how Sun Jian "move", Zhengkua others "ex".   相关的主题文章: