Beijing, China – VIDEO – Zhao Liying rouge in the interpretation of female agents and the feelings o

Beijing – VIDEO – Zhao Liying "rouge" in the interpretation of female agents Lu Yi and Zhao Liying emotional drama enjoy "rouge" in the interpretation of female agents and Lu Yi emotional drama enjoy [comment] September 20th, TV drama "rouge" held a press conference in Shanghai, starring Zhao Liying and Lu Yi at the scene. It is reported that the TV drama "rouge" story happened in Shanghai during the war, described by Zhao Liying as a bank family origin big miss blue rouge is full of longing and accidentally met Lu Yi played by the set of three identities in a mysterious spy Zhou Yu Hao of agent occupation, two people from the hares the relationship was disguised as lovers, each other finally dark feelings, collaborative War struggle and safeguarding national interests of the story. This is Zhao Liying appeared for the first time the spy dramas, compared with the previous in the TV screen in cute character interpretation, "rouge" role in the interpretation of Zhao Liying a considerable challenge. [actor] Zhao Liying, I don’t want to put her in a traditional way of thinking. I hope she will be able to resonate with the audience, so that we can enter into such a world, into that era, to know what is called faith, what is called mission. The biggest harvest is that he has undergone a transformation, the psychological may become a little stronger. [comment] because of filming the drama during the summer of last year, the two stars on the stage is to shoot hard to complain. The same period [] (actor Lu Yi) this play is in three months last year was the hottest shot, you can see many pictures we all wore a fur coat, as long as the two of us acting together, the first thing we want is, what word Parka off cover on the other side. [interpretation] in the "rouge" in a play, Lu Yi and Zhao Liying have a lot of emotional drama, the two people are very familiar with each other, shooting is not embarrassed and enjoy it. [the same period] (actor Lu Yi) (emotional drama) cooked to say. (reporter): so it’s not awkward to be cooked, right? (actor Lu Yi) shouldn’t be embarrassed? (actor Zhao Liying) never felt embarrassed, why embarrassed? (host) (enjoy)? (actor Zhao Liying) Yes, enjoy. [interpretation] it is reported that the TV series "rouge" will be broadcast on September 27th. Reporter Xu Yinkang Yu Zhan Shanghai reported相关的主题文章: