Bosh talks with the heat top will decide whether the season will be

Bosh and heat officials talk will determine whether the season for Bosh repeated injuries sina sports news Beijing time on February 25th, according to YAHOO sports reported, in view of potential risk of Chris Bosh health, Miami Miami and doctors hope he could miss the rest of the season. Last year, Bosh was absent from the last 30 games of the regular season because of pulmonary thromboembolism. According to YAHOO sports news, Bosh plans in the next 24 hours to meet with the heat of the top, including Miami boss Mitch Allison and President Pat Riley, to determine his status in the rest of the season. It is reported that since Bosh withdrew from this year’s All-Star game after injury, he has met with a number of medical experts. Bosh’s last match was in February 10th, when the heat lost to the spurs. Although Bosh has been trying to find a way to heal and allow him to return this season, it has been strongly opposed to other aspects. If Bosh finally decides to release the season, he expects to undergo a physical examination after 3-6 months. (Rosen)

波什与热火高层展开谈话 将决定赛季是否报销 波什连番遭遇伤病   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月25日,据雅虎体育报道,鉴于克里斯-波什身体状况存在的潜在危险,迈阿密热火队和医生都希望他能够缺席本赛季余下的所有比赛。   去年,波什曾因为肺血栓而缺席了常规赛的最后30场比赛。   据雅虎体育得到的消息,波什计划在未来的24小时内与热火队的高层见面,包括热火队老板米奇-阿里森和总裁帕特-莱利,从而决定他在本赛季余下时间里的状态。   据悉,自从波什因伤退出今年的全明星赛之后,他已经与多位医学专家见过面。波什上一次打比赛是2月10日,当时热火负于马刺。   虽然波什一直想办法通过治疗手段并让他能够在本赛季复出,但是这已经遭到了其他方面的强烈反对。   如果波什最终决定赛季报销的话,他预计将在3-6个月之后再接受身体的检查。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: